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How Easy is It to Switch Out Apple Watch Bands?

Switch Out Apple Watch Bands

Learn The 3 Steps to Remove an Apple Watch Band!

Owning the trendy Apple Watch? It only takes a few seconds to alter the feel and look of your Apple Watch with a simple swapping of its band. Interchangeable bands are a style asset to fashion enthusiasts and Apple offers just that. But you cannot use bands other than the ones from Apple’s own proprietary system (clever marketing strategy, we say). There are currently no third-party watch bands that you can swap for an Apple Watch band.

So how easy is it to switch out Apple Watch bands? Here’s a simple process to swap your Apple Watch bands for a new one to match your outfit of the day!

Choosing The Right Watch Band

Switch Out Apple Watch Bands

Apple Watches come in three models:

  • Apple Watch Edition
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch Sport

Check out all of their features and choose the right one for you. Once that’s done, you have to choose what size suits you the best. A large Apple Watch is 42mm in size while the smallest is 38mm. Remember that the band should match the size of the watch you choose. Here’s an example: a 38mm link bracelet will only fit the Edition, Watch, and Sport models. Let’s check which bands fit which Apple Watches:

  • Apple Watch bands for 45mm, 44mm, and 42mm can go well with each other.
  • Watches sized 41mm, 40mm, and 38mm are compatible with each of those 3 sizes.

Also, consider the finish of the bands and the watch you are fitting them on. Even if it fits your watch, it may not go well with the look. For instance, the aluminum finish Apple Watch Sport may not look great with the Milanese loop.

Swapping a New Apple Watch Band: How Easy is It to Switch Out Apple Watch Bands?

The steps to switch out an Apple Watch band are as easy as ABC. just click on the band release button on the back of your Apple Watch and slide the band across. Viola! You have your old watch band out and now to put in the new one, you have to slide it across the band slot till you hear a silent click. That’s it!

Note: If your watch band is silicone-made, you can remove each of the straps one at a time. For Link Bracelets, you have to remove both the straps at once.

The Bottom Line: How Easy is It to Switch Out Apple Watch Bands?

How easy is it to switch out an Apple Watch band? Click and slide the Apple Watch band to remove it and swap it with a new one. When you insert the new one make sure it clicks so you know the fit is perfect. Here are some things to remember while swapping Apple Band watches:

  • Never ever push the band into its slot.
  • If you don’t hear the quiet click, slide the band to its left and right so to check if the fit is right. If it fits properly then it won’t slide freely unless you are holding down the release button.
  • If the band fails to lock, push it into place while centering the band. Wiggle it a bit (carefully of course).
  • Do not wear your Apple Watch if the band is moving.

Here’s the last thing you have to keep in mind: matching size. Check out the size we mentioned above to get it right!