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How Do People Select an Event Management Company?

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If you’re hosting an event in Singapore, you’ll have two choices – to do it on your own or hire an event manager. The more convenient route is to have professionals do all the hard work for you. However, before contacting potential partners, you’ll still need to prepare for it. 

There are things worth knowing so working with an event organizer will be much easier. Plus, you’ll need to consider several factors when selecting an event management company in Singapore.

Here are some of them:

Your needs:

Every event has a goal. What do you hope to achieve in your upcoming event? Why do you need help from expert event planners? Have you experienced hiring an organizer before but didn’t like how things turned out? Or perhaps, you’re concerned about not meeting your budget if you’ll execute everything on your own.

Talk to potential event management companies about your goals. You don’t have to be very detailed in your first conversation, but by sharing what’s on your mind, event planners will also be able to offer suitable recommendations. You’ll also be able to gauge better which team is the right fit for your needs.


Event planners usually have specializations. Some may be more experienced in organizing huge events, while some are experts in planning intimate gatherings. Look into past projects they’ve handled, and request to see photos. It’s easy to claim expertise in any skill, especially online. You’ll want to be sure that the event management company has legitimate experience. For example, if you’re looking to join a trade show, then you’ll need someone offering conference and exhibition management services


No matter how impressive their website is or how friendly their team members seem, don’t make the first payment until you find valid proof that their company does exist and is operating on legal terms. Visit their office, if possible. See if they have certifications from respected industry organizations, such as the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC).


As you look into their roster of clients, check if the exhibition booth contractor also has testimonials you can review. Ask if you can contact their past clients for further information. They should be happy to share details with you if they’re confident about the quality of the services they’re providing. If anything, somebody else is doing the marketing for them, and without any payment at that. 


A professional event management team will have all the necessary equipment in-house. You no longer have to worry about sourcing audiovisual equipment. The use of necessary tools and equipment will also be included in the package. It’ll save you a lot as compared to renting from several companies. 

Consider Your Gut Feeling Too

Don’t forget to assess how you feel when communicating with the event planner. If something feels off, look into other candidates. Trust your event with someone you feel comfortable talking to and consider your needs, above all. Preparing an event, whether it’s small or huge, will involve a lot of responsibilities. Despite that, the process can be fun and rewarding if you have a reliable event management company in Singapore