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Harley Bike Riding

We have been lucky this summer to ride our bikes during a lot of days in New Hampshire, but the occasional rainy day can be hard for our Harley Davidson riders to take care of.

Prepare your bike for severe conditions with tires which are good for the rain. Don’t equip your bicycle equip yourself. Wear equipment that’s water-proof from head since if any portion of the body or clothes becomes soaked, your ride will be uncomfortable.

Put on a helmet that covers your face since raindrops at speeds can look like stones. Since a rainstorm lowers visibility for everyone and wear equipment that’s visible to vehicles. 

Ride and keep lots of distance between you and this drivers around you. Turning, accelerating and braking are harder to do on roads, and you need to have control over your bicycle.

Is currently riding behind a wheel of the car before you so as to take benefit. Avoid any surface which might be slippery. Matters like arrows or lines on sewers, manholes and the road will be as slippery avoid anything that’s not sidewalk and so watch the road.

The roads can be most dangerous throughout the first fifteen minutes of a rainstorm. The rain mixes with grime, oil on the road to make an exceptionally layer together with other particles. 

Apply the brakes lightly, if possible. And apply the back brake more than the front one in order that you could controller any skids if they do happen. Avoid puddles.

You may enjoy driving through them, but they pose a severe risk of hydroplaning, plus they also hide what’s beneath them. That puddle could be there due to a big hole that you wouldn’t go over on a nice day, let alone during a rainstorm.

Tensing up can tire you out and keep you from easily adjusting to hard situations on the road.

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