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How to Get Mutual Fund registration in India with SEBI?

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Get Mutual Fund registration in India with SEBI

Mutual Fund is an investment arrangement composed of swimming pool cash gathered from several financiers to invest in Safety for far better output by Expert market players. The mutual fund is run by Expert Market Gamer, Who acts on behalf of the financier.

Mutual Fund gives little or specific investor opportunity to purchase expertly handled portfolios of equity, Debt, bonds, and other Safety and securities. Investment advisor registration itself with itself registered with SEBI.

Properties Administration Company

Get Mutual Fund registration in India with SEBI

Possessions Administration Company takes care of the financial investment on behalf of the Person.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The Applicant has been continuing business in economic solutions for not less than five years.
  • The Candidate having net worth is positive in all the quickly preceding five years.
  • The Applicant having total assets in the quick preceding year is greater than the enroller’s resources payment in the possession administration business.
  • The Candidate is having profits after attending to depreciation, passion, and tax in three out of the promptly coming before five years, consisting of the fifth year.
  • The Applicant is a fit and also a proper person.
  • The Applicant has contributed or contributed a minimum of 40% to the asset administration business’s net worth.
  • The Candidate or any one of its directors or the primary policeman has not been found guilty of fraud or convicted of a violation involving ethical turpitude.
  • The appointment of the trustee to serve as a trustee for mutual fund
  • The appointment of Possessions Management Business to manage mutual fund
  • The visit of a custodian to keep the protection of the securities or gold as well as gold- a related instrument or various other assets of the mutual fund
  • Treatment of Enrollment of Mutual Fund

Application for Registration

Application for enrollment of a mutual fund shall be made to the Safety and security exchange board of India in form No A by the Candidate.

Average assets under management as of 31st marchFee( In Rs)
AAUM up to 10,000cr0.0015 percent of the AAUM
Part Of AAUM above 10,000cr0.0010 percent of the portion of AAUM in Excess of 10,000cr

Eligibility Criteria for Mutual Fund

  • The Candidate has to meet the standards.

Consideration of Application

The Security Exchange Board of India, May, on the invoice of papers decides the application.

Certification of Enrollment

After confirmation, the Safety and Security Exchange Board of India may confirm all the details given of enrollment in form B.

Payment of Yearly Service Fee

A mutual fund shall pay before the 15th of April yearly a service fee as defined in the Second Schedule for every fiscal year from the year complying with registration.

Document Required For Mutual Fund Registration

  1. Details of the Applicants
  2. Details of Compliance Officer
  3. Proof of Registered Office
  4. Details of Incorporation
  5. Certificate of Registration
  6. Memorandum of Association
  7. Details of Capital Structure
  8. Details of Financial Information Including Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account for five years.
  9. Details of Management
  10. Details of the Bankers of the Applicant
  11. Details of Court Cases in which the applicant may have been involved in the last three years (if Applicable)
  12. Details of the Auditors of the applicant
  13. Draft Trust Deed
  14. Draft Investment Management Agreement
  15. Draft custodian Agreement