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Get Custom EDC Knives From The Knife Connection

Once you find the perfect knife to carry with you day to day. It’s hard to imagine life without the world’s most convenient tool by your side. Your everyday carry(EDC) knife should be one that can handle all of the cutting, chopping, or slicing tasks that you may encounter. If you are looking for a new EDC knife or custom EDC knives. You can find plenty of options when you visit The Knife Connection.

You are probably wondering what criteria makes a tool an EDC knife. Truth be told, it’s different for everyone. If you live in a jungle, a machete might be the best EDC option for you. If all you need to open an occasional package, a small folding knife should suffice. All you need to do is consider what you need and then find a knife that checks all of your boxes.

For many people, their EDC knife is going to be a folder. This just makes sense when you consider how easy these knives are to clip into a pocket or throw in a bag. You can also find a wide range of blade shapes and styles. Making it easy to find a knife that will match your particular style.

Of course, a folding knife is not going to cut it for everyone. Despite their convenience, a folding knife cannot handle the same levels of abuse that a fixed blade can. If you occasionally need a knife that can chop or take a real beating. You are going to want to look into fixed blade knives. Luckily, The Knife Connection has a huge selection to choose from. Along with the ability to create your own custom EDC knives using their Custom Knife Builder tool.

The Custom Knife Builder is a The Knife Connection exclusive feature. You can choose between several popular knife models from ESEE, the Ontario Knife Company, of The Knife Connection’s exclusive Field Buddy knives. Once you find a knife model you think would be a perfect fit for your daily needs. You can use the builder to choose the features and accessories you want to pair with that knife.

The first option you will choose from is the color of the blade’s powder coating (if it has a coating). Some knives may also allow you to choose whether or not you want a partially serrated blade or just a straight blade. Once you have the perfect blade selected, you can move on to choosing your handles. The Knife Connection offers high quality G10 handle scales. G10 is a great material for everyday use because it is water resistant, easy to clean, and long lasting.

Once you have chosen these two criteria, you are basically ready to check out. But you can also take a second and build the perfect package of accessories to include with your new knife. This includes necessities like different sheaths and sheath carry systems and useful accessories like pouches and firesteels for your new sheath system. Once you have selected your perfect bundle of accessories. You should be all good to check out and wait for your new custom built knife.

If you are ready to create your own custom EDC knives, The Knife Connection makes the process nice and simple. If you are looking for a ready made item. They can also help you find the perfect knife with their convenient search filtering options.