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Football Betting Myths You Need to Know

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Football betting is still controversial and numerous opinions trail it. It would be surprising in case there are no myths about betting. Sometimes, the myths are simply distorted truth or have a genuine source. However, any way you look at it, if no facts or truth are there, it need not be believed.

Common Betting Myths

In order to play properly and enjoy the betting, it is essential that you do away with the myths. Here is a list of some of the popular myths spread around, however cannot be further from the truth.

  • Myth: Bookies Possess Inside Information

It is a prevalent myth that bookies have inside information or they know something that the bettors do not. It is believed that the myth “bookies have information” is peddled by the books only so that it seems like the bookies have an edge over bettors. Although the bookies possess the experience, they can also make mistakes and be outsmarted. There are not different from a knowledgeable and experienced bettor.

  • Myth: Bookies Can Predict Outcome of Games Correctly

Bookies are humans just like you and they cannot know the outcome of games. The fact is that by analyzing the football scores of the teams they make the predictions. Even the players do not know what would the outcome of the game before it starts.

  • Myth: Bookies fix the Games

Usually, this myth is spread by the bettors who lost their money in a bet. However, as much as they like to believe that it would make them feel better for the wrong prediction. Bookies do not fix the matches and even they don’t need to as they care about increasing the money staked on every match.

  • Myth: More You Bet, Easier to Win

It is obvious to feel away when you win on a very small amount. You just start thinking in case you had put in more amount, then you would have earned more.  However, it is not the money that determines whether you would win or lose. Just like an investment, when you invest more money the more money you win or lose. Therefore, it is a risk as well as lose or win is the same for any amount.

Apart from these, there is more one more myth i.e. the good tipsters guarantee the high chances of winning. Logically, good tipsters help you with the prediction as they take time to study the injuries, form, and other aspects that influence the outcome of a match. However, they do something that you can also do. All you need to do is concentrate on the game and devote time to analysis.