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wedding dresses for girls

Weddings can be a time of excitement and joy, especially for the bride and groom. They get to plan their special day together and decide the venue, the catering, the cake, champagne, the bridal party dresses, the groomsmen outfits, and more. It could all be super exciting, but there are times when things can get a bit overwhelming, especially when it comes to the bride’s dress and the bridal party dresses because they should complement each other flawlessly.

But not to worry, this article will serve as a guide to figure out what the latest trends are, ways to seamlessly coordinate with all parties involved to get the fitting, the dress material, colour, everything sorted before the big day. The primary factors to consider are comfort and fit, as the bridesmaids would undoubtedly want to dance with the bride; after all, best friends are there to make memories!

The next thing to consider is the material, the look and feel of the outfit, as the fabric plays an important part.

Bridal party outfit:

Following are ideas that could give some inspiration to plan the perfect set of bridal party dresses to set the mood and the theme:

  • The Matching Bridesmaids: This is very much in-trend today, where the brides wear matching long flowy gowns or beautiful satin dresses that will certainly represent them as the ladies of the bride, making them stand apart. This tradition dates to ancient Rome! This type of styling is perfect for saving time and effort, as it is going to be one type of outfit with the same colour for every bridesmaid.
  • Common colour, unique styling: For the bride who likes to spice things up a bit, she can get her bridesmaids to style their dresses in such a way that she gets to decide the colour for the dress, while the design and silhouette of the outfit are to be decided by the girls, giving them the freedom to design it as per their liking and personality. But it is always advised to get the outfits from one designer store, to give the entire look uniformity.

Bridesmaids dress styling ideas:

The following set of dress design ideas are to inspire the bride to sit with their bridesmaids and come up with discussions such that all of them can put across their points and to those who do not know what to do, get the help they need to pick out the appropriate dress ideas:

  • A few necklines styles for the bridal party dresses that are in vogue today are jewel neckline, keyhole design, halter top, plunging neckline, a classic V-neck, or even a high neck.
  • The few in-trend sleeve ideas are cap sleeves, spaghetti straps, one shoulder, flutter sleeves, strapless, bell sleeves, long elegant sleeves, three-fourth sleeves, and off-shoulder sleeves.
  • The bridesmaid’s dresses could be kept traditional by matching them all, or they could also follow the unconventional way of mixing things and matching each dress as per the bridesmaid’s personality.
  • The fabrics, necklines as per the ones listed above, silhouettes and even colours are all variable factors that each bridesmaid can choose from, such that they have the luxury to design their outfit. This activity could be so much fun. One thing to take care of is for all the dresses to be purchased/ altered by one designer store, to keep track of the progress, rather than running around to different shops, which could be quite difficult.