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11 Facts About KFC Business that you don’t know

Some facts about KFC are mentioned in this article. KFC is one of the most famous fast-food brands in the world. Operates in 115 countries, and more than 18,000 outlets are open. And these are not all facts about the brand.

Yes, many people are against fast food, but the brand is popular, and products and dishes are in incredible demand. Why so, yes because the network has many advantages. By the way, we will also list them in the facts. Let’s go!

Here are the facts about KFC’s Business

1. Harland Sanders is the founder of the place where the amazing chicken was cooked. He started selling it in 1930 at a gas station in Kentucky. Back then, the eatery was called Sanders Court.

2. The first lunch, a very popular version of KFC, was sold 15 years after the brand’s launch. By the way, it was not even sold by the founder, as the establishments began to open under the franchise. A traditional lunch in a cardboard bucket was served in Salt Lake City.

3. KFC, being the first Western fast food franchise, got to China in 1987. Now there is a huge network – more than 4563 establishments.

4. The founder of the network did not like to fry the chicken deep-fried. He cooked it in a frying pan. It took longer. The pressure cooker changed the approach. Her Sanders adopted as the only tool for cooking chicken.

5. By the way, the founder of the brand sold his company for only 2 miles. Dollars. It happened in 1964. He retained a seat on the board of directors, a lifetime salary, and participation in commercials.

6. The original recipe for chicken, according to KFC, was created in 1940. Only two people know the secret recipe. Spices are mixed and sent by staff who have no idea about the contents.

7. Interesting fact – American guitarist from the band Guns N’ Roses, put on a bucket with the KFC logo during the performance.

Interesting Fact

8. In 2006, KFC made an 81,290-square-metre logo in the Area 51 dessert. You can even see it in space.

9. Until 1991, the brand was called Kentucky Fried Chicken. But realizing the negative association with some words, it was decided to use the acronym KFC. And now you can give your feedback using the online platform and can get free food.

10. There have been bad times for the brand. A family from Australia sued the fast food chain. A seven-year-old Sydney girl suffered brain damage after eating a salmonella-infested KFC chicken wing. She went into a coma and was hospitalized for several months. The girl is now confined to a wheelchair. The family managed to use $8 million for the life care of the girl

Last But Not Least

11. There was another trial. But this time KFC sued three Chinese companies. Representatives of these organizations circulated false statements in the press, according to which genetically modified carcasses of birds were used for cooking.

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We must admit that KFC is a strong brand. And in the USA, there are many outlets where you can taste the legendary chicken wings.

Don’t forget to check out the KFC official KFC survey site to have a brief look.