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Everything You Should Know about Modular Kitchen Layout

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As we all know, Kitchens are the heart of the home, so it is very important for us to make them as convenient and comfortable as possible. A designer kitchen is a total win-win for anyone who loves to cook. Whether she/he is a baker in the making or a self-proclaimed chef, a kitchen with lots of free workspaces, convenient counters, and usable storage, can bring her/him that extra happiness, any day.

However, building the kitchen of dreams is a bit difficult, but with proper ideas and planning, it can be done quite nicely and effectively. Now, different cooks require different types of kitchens, of course, as per their taste and comfort, to make their cooking experience more enjoyable and less stressful.

Similarly, if you want to have an extraordinary cooking experience at your home, remember to go through all the minute details and contact the best modular kitchen manufacturers.

Although we are given what the builders had chosen to offer us, we can still make our cooking journey more fun than before in the six different, modern, most common kitchen layout. These six common types of kitchens are found in most households. Let us take a look at them, shall we?

L-shaped Kitchen Layout

Most common among the six basic types, L-shaped kitchens come with maximum floor space, where a small or medium-sized dining table as well can be added. These kitchens offer moderate storage and counter space and are absolutely perfect for smaller homes.

U-shaped Kitchen Layout

This particular kitchen layout offers a larger workspace if compared to any other kitchen design. These kitchens are packed with maximum storage space including both upper and lower cabinets. The best part about this layout is that more than one person can work in the kitchen at the same time. They are ideal for studio apartments.

Parallel Kitchen Layout or Galley Kitchen

As the name suggests, a parallel kitchen is a setup where it takes up less floor space while providing extra counter and storage space on two walls. These kitchens are very efficient as they have two counters which can be used as a dry/wet workspace, prep section, breakfast counter, or even a bar. They are suitable for most households.

Straight Kitchen Layout

These kitchens do not have a typical cubicle sort of setting, therefore, enabling a straight workflow. They have moderate storage space and sufficient floor space. These types of kitchens are perfect for studio and luxury apartments.

Island Kitchen

Now, Island kitchens are doubtlessly the ultimate kitchen goal for almost everyone. These beautiful, contemporary kitchens combine straight and L-shaped workspaces with an island space that is separate from the main space.

G-shaped Kitchen Layout

This particular kitchen type provides a lot of free workspaces as well as a second counter. They are, however, connected to the main workspace, unlike the Island kitchens. In these kitchens, all the goodness of the Island worktop can be experienced but with less floor space.