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Event Planning – Top Tips from the Professionals

Event Planning – Top Tips from the Professionals
Event Planning – Top Tips from the Professionals

7 Top Tips from the Professionals

Event Planning can seem a bit daunting when it is new territory and whether a friend’s wedding or a business presentation, there is a lot involved in the organizing and implementation of a live event. In this short article, we offer a few event planning tips from professionals to ensure that your event is a success.

Start planning early

The earlier you can start planning, the better; as soon as you can confirm that the event is going to happen, your mind should turn to preparation and planning. Start by contacting a supplier of the best marquee hire Perth has to offer; they have everything you will need for holding an outdoor event.

Establish clear objectives

Of course, if it is a wedding, the obvious goal is that all attendees have a ball and the wedding party goes off without a hitch. If it is a business-related event, you should identify your goals, which might be to present a new product line or to thank loyal customers for their continued support. Once you have established goals, the whole process becomes much clearer.

Create a marketing plan

Every event needs to be advertised and you can create a multi-channeled marketing plan that includes social media and other digital platforms. Of course, all attendees should receive an invitational email, informing them of everything they need to know. Most event planners would ask that all attendees confirm that they are going to be there, then you can plan accordingly, once you know the precise numbers. Click here for tips on hiring vendors and contractors for a live event.

Create an event timeline

Assuming you have a Master of Ceremonies (MC) who will manage the program, you need to build a timeline of the schedule, which should be accurately timed and if it is a long program, you will need at least one rehearsal. Using a stopwatch, you can keep an eye on the timing, making slight adjustments where necessary.

Have backups ready

You should have a spare laptop for the main presentation; keep a supply of microphone batteries, as they often need replacing. It might be a good idea to hire a generator in the event of a power outage, as you never know what might happen.

Make the best use of online resources –

Most pro event planners use Google Calendars to log all the details of the project and you can set up notifications so that you won’t overlook appointments.

Create separate lists

Ideally, you want a list for attendees, a list of vendors and one for all suppliers; contact numbers should be next to each name and using these lists, you can manage all aspects of the event. Here is a list of outdoor events to be held in Western Australia in 2024.

Of course, if it is an outdoor event, you do need a rain backup plan, which might involve hiring a suitable marquee and we hope that the above tips go some way to helping you plan a successful event that achieves your goals.