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DesignCap – an Easy Graphic Maker for Non-Designers


Visual content has become vitally important in recent years. And the reason is simple. As it is processed faster in our brains and, therefore, users tend to share it on their social networks. Proof of this is the success that is being had on social networks such as Pinterest or Instagram.

Generally, it isn’t easy to make a beautiful design if we are not experts in graphic design or simply do not specialize in that sector.

In addition, professional tools to achieve a good design are not easy to use and can be really expensive, so the best option will be to leave the work in the hands of specialists in the area and achieve the expected results.

That is why we introduce the DesignCap graphic maker in this article. It will allow you to design and create visual content that will give you significantly surprising results without being a design expert to design cool Baggage Tags.

What is the DesignCap tool?

DesignCap is a software alternative that allows any user to quickly and easily produce good-quality designs, such as infographic designs, presentations, resumes, etc. In this sense, you can make simple designs and present your ideas in print on paper or publish them online with DesignCap.

So if you don’t have a graphic design background and can’t afford to hire a designer, DesignCap gives you the opportunity to bring your ideas to life through an easy-to-follow and execute guide.

DesignCap has a wide range of images, elements, text, and various design resources at your disposal to help you make great works of art. In turn, you will be able to access various pre-established templates, which will facilitate the development of your projects, presentations or social media arts, and so on. In addition, it provides you the possibility of uploading your photos or fonts to the app.

Key Features

The main features of the DesignCap tool include the following:

  • It is online and can be used for free. DesignCap is an online tool, and there is no need to install any application for you to start using it. What’s more, it will save your project automatically. You can easily access it later to make some changes.
  • Its use is easy and simple. DesignCap allows you to make print and web designs in the simplest possible way, like infographics, presentations, resumes, business cards, invitations, YouTube Thumbnails, YouTube banners, etc.
  • It puts at your disposal countless stock photos and icons. You have the possibility to choose from more than 1 million source images and graphics or upload your own and publish them.
  • You will be able to edit your designs at will. DesignCap enables you to edit the image, text, icons, charts, and other graphics and elements freely in the design.   
  • It offers thousands of gorgeous templates and many other art resources to facilitate the design process.  
  • You can share the design with your friends, clients, or colleagues. In this way, you will be able to attract their attention, and they will feel motivated to share them on their social profiles.

How to use DesignCap?

In principle, you must select from various pre-established templates such as documents, blog infographics, presentations, Pinterest graphics, business cards, Facebook covers, YouTube channel arts, and many others. Subsequently, you must select various elements that will help you create your graphic design.

DesignCap gives you the possibility of assembling the pieces in the fastest and easiest way possible, allowing you to obtain an original and attractive result for your users. In turn, you can make various color combinations so that you offer an image appropriate to your design.

You have at your disposal a large selection of tutorial videos that will allow you to learn to use this simple tool quickly. If you are new to graphic design or do not have enough money to pay for a graphic designer’s services, the DesignCap tool is ideal for you. Take the opportunity to create spectacular designs in the simplest way possible.

Finally, in addition to creating your designs or projects, this tool offers you the possibility of sharing them on the web, either using a link that directs to your project in DesignCap or sharing only the image on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and so on.

Do it yourself

Suppose you don’t have a sufficient financial budget for the help and advice of experts. In that case, it is essential to know various accessible and easy-to-use tools that allow us to achieve the proposed objectives in terms of design. Among them, you will find the DesignCap tool, which has been designed for those users who have no experience in graphic design or have very little experience in the area.

DesignCap will allow you to create beautiful designs in the easiest and simplest way possible. You have the opportunity to capture all your ideas without the need to resort to or depend on a graphic design agency. In this sense, we invite you to try the tool to start developing all your projects and enjoy all its advantages and benefits.