Crew Socks Vs. Ankle Socks: The Difference

The availability of different types of socks on the market today itself is a result and proof of the demand these days. Different types of people demand different types of socks and this is what happens most commonly. However, those people who are not aware of the different types of socks and their benefits commonly get confused while purchasing socks today.

One of the most commonly confusing types of socks are crew and ankle socks, most customer seems to be confused at this point. Some of them think that there is no difference in the design and benefits offered by these two types of socks. This is a wrong assumption. Remember, both these socks are different. Here is how to distinguish them.

Crew socks –

Crew socks are more about functionality and less about style. This is true, these are one of the best types of socks available today. It offers a superior level of cushioning at the heels. The length of crew socks could vary based on the model and brand. Most commonly it extends to the mid-calf of the lower leg. Some of them extend more than this length.  Crew socks are available in different colors and different exterior aesthetics. Explore it and find crew length socks with designs that appeal to all age groups. They are cool, comfortable and the best part—made out of garbage. Now that ticks all the right boxes.

Ankle socks –

Ankle socks are entirely different from crew socks, there are several key differences between the two. One of the key differences is the length of the socks, while the length of the crew socks could extend till the mid-calf of the lower leg, an ankle sock would cover the entire foot from the toes to the end of the ankle and does not extend more than that. Ankle socks sit right below the shoe opening. Most commonly, ankle socks are best for users who do not like tall socks and who do not want to display their socks to others.

Apart from the basic design and aesthetic difference, there are some other differences too.

Material –

The reason why most people consider wearing crew-length socks is that it offers superior comfort and sweat absorption property. This property is commonly exhibited by only cotton or cotton-blended materials. On the other hand, ankle socks are all about style statement and trend, it does not matter what material it is made of. But to reap the maximum benefits of crew socks, cotton or cotton blended material is the best.

Color –

Most commonly, These are available in single colors and since the length of the crew socks is comparatively higher than ankle socks, the color of this does matter. On the other hand, ankle socks are invisible socks, commonly, people do not even know if he/she is wearing socks. Therefore, the color of the ankle socks does not matter too much.

Length –

It are versatile, the length of the crew socks could vary based on the model and brand. Commonly, crew socks would extend till the mid-calf of the lower leg. On the other hand, as the name itself suggests, an ankle sock would extend only up to the top end of the ankle. So, there is a large length difference between the two.

If you read the above-mentioned facts, you would understand the difference between the crew and ankle socks.

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