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Home » “Cowboy” Hank Dalton a Micro Wrestler has Died At 41

“Cowboy” Hank Dalton a Micro Wrestler has Died At 41

Hank Dalton

Steven McGeorge, commonly known as Cowboy Hank, was always comic, besides being very strong in wrestling. A portion of news has flourished online that Cowboy Frank has now passed away. Yes, there is a lot of bits of intelligence about his passing online, and many people are sending their concerns and also posting pities online as well. It was mentioned by many of the sources that he passed away while he was at his house.

He was called Shorty by many of his friends for affection, and they used to shoot short videos with him. Let us learn more in detail about Cowboy and also know if there was any reason behind his death or not. Follow Our website, Geeksscan Media, for the latest updates!!!!!

Cowboy Hank Dalton’s Cause Of Death

Cowboy was just 41 years old at the time of his death, and his decease news came as a shock to many people. He was a part of the veteran PC wrestling federation and was also a member of the Micro wrestling all-stars circuits as well. His videotapes were widely appreciated by many people online and were also recognized by many people as short by several people.

Hank Dalton

As of now, no reason was mentioned by any of the sources, but several have posted condolences online. His friends and family associates have not mentioned anything until now as they might be taking a challenging situation during this time and might release statements later.

Who Was Cowboy Hank Dalton?

A Facebook page, which is in his terms, says that Steven, from a very young age, trained to become a wrestler, and he was interested in grappling. Steven used to get training merely at the stage of 12, and he was also a part of the Teo State Indiana Wrestling Association, where he used to go and practice during his initial stages of repetition and face-off as well.

Steven finished his training in Kentucky, and they also promoted him to Randy Conrad. Randy was a combatant who was promoted by the Wrestling Alliance name. Steven faced Candi Devine in a match held between intergender, and Steven was considered an Iron Man throughout his initial years of career.

Cowboy Hank Dalton: Wikipedia & Bio

While speaking about his drill, Steven said that he would train on weekends as well and up until he graduated from High School back in 1999. Steven said that his name, McGregor, remained given to him by Ox Harley, and Steven said that Hank was added to his name by inspiration from Hank Williams Jr, while the extra half of his name came from the Road House movie where the key role was portrayed as Dalton.

Steven added that the picture inspired him and that the short Cowboy rile was very much an inspiration for him; besides, that is why he chose the name cowboy in his name. In complete this, the name was not chosen but given to him by his fans and fans.

Many people sent their commiseration and prayers online for Steven, and many were stunned to hear about such a sudden decrease in Steven. Many of the netizens posted that Steven was his favorite when he used to watch grappling as a kid. In comparison, another person tweeted saying that he was through Steven many times and his demise was dreadful for him.

Another netizen added that Steven was a great guy with a great personality, and he had a great intellect of humor as well. While another Twitter user claimed that he met Steven often and he stood like his best friend.