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Car Insurance Companies in India: Select the Best

Car Insurance Companies in India

Which insurance is best for cars?

Car Insurance can help you to reduce financial obligations that could arise from an unfortunate event such as a car accident, fire, theft, or other natural calamities. Every car owner must have at least one third-party insurance policy to be able to drive on Indian roads. There are currently 25 Indian car insurance companies that offer complete insurance.

IRDAI Approved Top Car Insurance Companies in India

Below are the top four-wheeler insurance providers in India, with claim settlement ratio (CSR) and network garages.

Which insurance is best for cars?Find the Best Car Insurance Companies in India

Subjective definitions of the best vehicle/car insurance company are subjective as they vary from person to person depending on their needs. A car insurance company with the highest claim settlement rate is best for some people. However, it is not the best for all. For others, an insurance company with a large network of cashless garages will be the best. Thus, there are a number of parameters that make an insurance company the best for an individual. When choosing an insurance company for your car, you should consider these factors.

1. Network of Cashless Garages

A number of garages can be partnered by car insurance companies to facilitate cashless insurance claims. When choosing a car insurance provider, it is important to check the strength and availability of cashless garages. You should also check if there is enough cashless garages within the area of your home.

2. Claim Settlement Ratio

Claim Settlement Ratio is the ratio of all claims that a car insurance company has settled to the total number of claims it received in a given financial year. It is always a good idea to choose an insurance company that has a high claim settlement rate.

3.Availability of add-ons

ADD-ons are additional coverages that can be added to a standard car insurance policy in order to increase the coverage. You can choose to add-ons with your comprehensive and own-damage car insurance at both the time of purchase and renewal.

4. Support for customers

It is important to verify the quality and availability of customer service provided by insurance companies. Some insurance companies provide 24-hour customer support while others offer five-day customer assistance.

Different types of Car Insurance Policies in India

1. Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance policies provide complete coverage for the car. The policy protects the vehicle from any unforeseen risks such as fire, accident, theft or vandalism. It also covers third-party accidental liabilities the policyholder is legally obligated to pay. This type of insurance also covers the driver of the insured vehicle in an accident.

Third-Party Liability Car Insurance

A third-party liability car insurance policy provides protection against any third-party liabilities of the policyholder arising out of causing accidental Body injuries, death, or property damages to a third party. This insurance policy does not cover damages or losses suffered by the insured vehicle or its driver.

Standalone Car Insurance for Damage

An individual own-damage policy for car insurance covers only the car’s own damage. It covers the four-wheeler’s loss or damage due to fire, natural disasters and accidents as well as manmade calamities. This type of car insurance plan can only be purchased if the owner has an existing third-party policy for the vehicle.