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Best Tips For Your Next Residential Move

Best Tips For Your Next Residential Move

Stressing about your next residential move? Wish that you could flip a magic wand and make everything happen? Well, if not a magic wand, you can hire the top residential moving services in Edina MN to help make your move hassle-free. 

Best Tips For Your Next Residential Move
Portrait of happy senior couple packing cardboard boxes while moving to a new house

Before you hop on the bandwagon of searching for local moving companies in Edina MN, draft a list of the top moving tips and tricks that will ease your move right from the packing to the unpacking stage. So while browsing for moving tips, keep a separate diary and note down every tip or shortcut you come across. 

Having said that, we know that no move is easy whether residential or commercial. It is one of the most stressful events in a homeowner’s life. It is an energy-intensive and time-demanding job and time is a luxury not everyone can afford with a full-time job or a business. 

In order to ease up your move, here are some of our exclusive moving tips and tricks that will help you pack and move easily.  

Calculate your budget and create a moving checklist 

Prior to doing anything else, plan out the budget you have for your move. Create a list of priority items for your move including the anticipated time frame. The exact timeline will vary according to the size of the move, some can do it within a week, while others need at least a month. 

Once you will organize your move with a written action plan, you will get a fair idea of where and how you need to begin packing. Keep a printout of this checklist in a special binder and label it as “move”. 

Think about hiring a residential moving company 

Are you one of those unfortunate lads living alone in a new city with no family or friends to lend a helping hand for your move? Then you should think along the lines of hiring a residential moving company. It may be heavy on the pocket but the ease will be worth every penny. Here is a guide to help you to hire movers near you.

Besides, the help of professional movers will be an amazing experience. Do your research and hire the best company in your vicinity. 

Best Tips For Your Next Residential Move

Focus on decluttering your current residence 

One of the most useful packing tips a professional will tell you is to simply declutter. Sift through your belongings and just donate the things you no longer need. You can even resell them. 

Make sure you have accurate measurements of your new residence, this will help you dispose of furniture that will not fit there. 

Only pack for an hour or two per day

Do not walk and chew at the same time. Keep a timer with you and only pack for an hour or two per day. You cannot get everything boxed overnight, so give yourself a breather and take on small packing tasks per day. 

You can start off by assigning yourself to each room. Spend an hour per day packing that particular room and then move on to the next. See to it that you have accurate size boxes to accommodate all your belongings. 

Never overstuff a box

A common mistake that homeowners make is that they try to stuff everything they own only in a handful of boxes. A smart approach is to use as many boxes as you can and label them appropriately. Your largest-sized boxes should not weigh more than 50 pounds.

Get appropriate packing material for your kitchen items

Your kitchen would require the most time and attention. Make sure you have enough stock of packing material for your Tupperware, dishes, cutlery, and silverware. 

kitchen packing

Use bubble wrap, crumpled newspaper, and cardboard sheets to pack items that can break. To further add a cushion into your packing, stuff paper towels, and disposable plates. This will help absorb any shocks during the transportation period. 

Wrap potentially leaking items in a plastic sheet

While packing the items that can potentially leak, make sure you use plastic wraps, such as for your bath products that include your shampoo, conditioner, and body lotions, and even for the kitchen grocery items such as vinegar, sauces, etc. 

If you neglect this step, you will find your belongings in a puddle of a mess when you unpack. Nothing nastier than that!

Come up with an action plan for the moving day

Make sure you have a proper plan of action for the moving day. Talk to someone who can lead the loading stage on moving day. This should be the person who knows what items should go first and which should go last.  This will help avoid confusion. 

Come up with an action plan for the moving day

Having a sense of direction led by an individual can save you unnecessary hassle. This is particularly important for those homeowners who have not hired professional movers and are handling everything on their own.