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Best Software for affiliate marketing

Best Software for affiliate marketing

With the rapid development of Internet technologies, in recent years, the business associated with the online sale of goods or services is also gaining popularity. In such situations, newcomers have to invest large sums and independently conduct a marketing policy. Search for new customers, expand the geography of sales, and develop the audience.

Which does not always allow you to quickly achieve the desired result. However, with our Software for affiliate marketing, each user can become an affiliate, which will allow him to promote his program, without losing the rights to the brand or products sold.

The main features of our Software for affiliate marketing

When subscribing and paying for the tariff plan, the business owner or other interested person gets access to the following software features for the implementation of the affiliate program:

  • The ability to create your statistics, which is formed in the form of a unique table. This information material is compiled when the user enters boundary conditions, adding a large number of important rows and columns with different criteria and parameters.
  • Selecting the desired material – rows or columns in a table with statistical indicators, which the user can independently configure as visible or hidden content for display to other members of the affiliate program, webmasters, or managers of this project online.
  • The ability to add, delete, expand, correct or edit any rows and columns in the table at any stage of working with the software. The user independently selects the parameters of interest to him from an extensive catalog, which automatically offers him various options at the stage of registration of statistical data for the affiliate program.
  • In the columns that are the main parameters for evaluating the result of business performance, the subscription owner can choose for himself and obtain objective information such criteria as the number of goods sold for the required period, business turnover, expected and actual profit from the sale of a product or service, achieving a business plan, as well as many other options that will allow you to accurately evaluate the result, correct errors and quickly reach payback.

Thus, our software works for you, as you expand your client network, choose affiliate programs and other privileges, and experienced specialists who manage your project eliminate the risk of making a mistake.

Benefits of our Software for affiliate marketing

Every month the number of our customers, owners of small startups, and representatives of large or medium-sized online businesses are only growing. The players of this IT market trust us, thanks to our following undeniable advantages when compared with most competitors:

  • We have an extremely simple interface, thanks to our developers. This means that the user does not have to professionally understand IT technologies, and he may not have specialized education, since only basic PC skills are required to design and configure statistical data and create tables.
  • The user no longer needs to spend extra money to expand his business, develop a marketing policy, or attract specialists for outsourcing. All that is needed to evaluate the result is to form a request to our company, after which a qualified manager will quickly process it and issue a reliable detailed result.
  • The system finds potential customers according to the request criteria and other actions of the program participant, automatically offering him the most profitable options, and the user, in turn, can choose payment methods acceptable to him.
  • Our platform will automatically analyze the traffic coming from your resource, after which it will provide statistics on the results achieved, which will allow you to quickly adjust your marketing policy and optimize the operation of an online store or other enterprise owned by the user.
  • Each user who has chosen his tariff plan and paid for a subscription gets access to a direct online chat with his project manager. Here, the business owner can get advice, answers to his questions, form his main request, and the manager will provide him with full technical support.

In addition to the benefits described above, we can also provide our customers with a 14-day trial version of our platform, access to which is free of charge and allows the business owner to explore the interface features, as well as determine exactly the tariff plan that he needs. To get access to this free version, the user will need to register on our telegram channel, then form his request and get a test subscription to Software for affiliate marketing.

How to work with our Software for affiliate marketing?

As mentioned above, our Software for affiliate marketing has a very simple interface. To start using the platform and achieve the expected results, the user will need to follow just a few of the following steps:

  • First of all, our developers and managers notify customers that the payment for the tariff plan they have chosen is made only after the launch of the finished, formed, and configured project. No upfront payment is required at the request stage, and when downloading a trial version of our product, the first payment is required only after 14 days.
  • The user opens our website, registers, and forms his table with columns and rows, chooses exactly the parameters that he needs for the successful development of his business and marketing policy, taking part in the affiliate program.
  • Further, the project participant, the owner of the brand, prepares and sends us a request in which he addresses the managers to include him in the project.
  • The request from the user is processed in real-time, and agreed upon and satisfied as soon as possible, after which a chat with the manager of the future project becomes available on the screen.
  • An experienced manager conducts a consultation, explains the nuances, and rules of working with the platform, and then performs online remote adjustment of tables, according to the boundary conditions of the customer.
  • The user chooses the tariff plan he is interested in, and pays for this option in any way convenient for him, after which he automatically becomes a member of the affiliate program and can expand his capabilities, increasing profits.

In addition to the free trial version, we also provide 4 possible pricing plans for our customers – “Lite”, which costs $250 per month and includes 5,000 conversions, “Pro” for $500 per month with 50,000 conversions, “Business”, for $1,000 per month and with 250,000 conversions, as well as the business owner can choose the tariff he is interested in on his own, which will cost him from $5,000 and more, but he determines the number of conversions.