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Best cities in Saudi Arabia for ex-pats

Best cities in Saudi Arabia for ex-pats

If you have in mind relocating to Saudi Arabia for work or maybe studies, then you should learn more about the places where many ex-pats live. That can help you when choosing your own location. People often love being in the same place where are people who share their interests. Therefore, here you can find some useful things that you should know about the best cities in Saudi Arabia for ex-pats.


The first place on our list is Dammam. It is located in a part of the country that is well-known for the oil industry. Many people with families come here to work. Interestingly, this place is not far from Bahrain. However, you should know that the temperature in the summer months can be pretty high.

Yanbu is one of the best cities in Saudi Arabia for ex-pats

The second place that is great for ex-pats in Saudi Arabia is Yanbu. If you want to move there, you must have a working visa. Also, we advise you to hire a professional moving company that will help you with your relocation to Yanbu. With the professionals by your side, you will get all settled in no time. If you are not sure how you can find movers that are perfect for you, just search the internet. Moreover, pay attention to recommendations, prices, and services of the companies that you find reliable. Then, you need to contact more of them and ask all that may interest you regarding their way of work. 


The next place where many ex-pats choose to move to for work is in Jeddah. This big city is quite liberal when compared to other places in the country regarding women’s rights. If you want to move here, you should hire experts who know the area. That will definitely make your whole relocation process much easier. You will not have to stress over anything. In case you do not know which company you should hire when moving to Jeddah, ask your employers for some recommendations.

Riyadh is one of the great cities in Saudi Arabia for ex-pats

Finally, many ex-pats choose to work in Riyadh. This place is very populated. Moreover, the temperatures there are not so high during summer days as in some other parts of the country. But, you need to know that Riyadh is very conservative and you have to be respectful towards their rules and customs if you want to move there. Remember, you cannot drink alcohol in public. And, you cannot show much of your skin. Women need to wear long skirts and loose clothing that does not show their figure.