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Benefits of Using Virtual Event Platforms for Hosting a Summit with Multiple Speakers

Virtual Event Platforms for Hosting

If you wish to set up a small meeting with your team, host a company-wide event, or a virtual summit with thousands of participants, it can be possible with virtual event platforms. 

According to a market research report, the global virtual event market size is expected to grow from 2021 to 2028, at a CAGR OF 23.7%. The work-from-home culture has been the biggest contributor to this growing trend.

The article will look at several reasons why you should host a summit using a virtual event platform. 

Benefits of Using Virtual Event Platform for Hosting a Summit

Easy Event Setup

A virtual event platform aims to make the process of setting and managing an event easy for you. With ready-to-use templates and a range of widgets available, you could use plug-and-play components and set up customised stages according to the topic of discussion at the summit.

Run Multiple Events on Different Stages

If you are used to running a jam-packed schedule with multiple events. The virtual platform can rise to the occasion and fulfill your requirements. For example, you could choose from different stage options and have them running parallel.

Depending on the platform you use, you could accommodate over 15 speakers on different stages and make it possible for thousands of participants to join at a time.

Have a Green Room Ready Just Like an In-Person Event 

If you are missing the hustle and bustle of the backstage that is usually a staple with summits, virtual event platforms will not disappoint. You can have a private backstage area ready to ensure the events are proceeding as scheduled.

Speakers could use the backstage area to go over their speeches or get comfortable and ready before the event goes live.

Have Complete Control Over Summit Events

As the host, you must have a comprehensive view of what is happening at all times. For example, you could have live shows or pre-recorded videos playing whenever required. With full moderator capabilities, you can control the flow of events at the virtual summit. Make the seamless transition between different stages and events. 

Get Priority Customer Support for Summits

A good virtual event platform will take care of any issues that come up during the summit. In addition, depending on the number of participants, some platforms offer priority support to their customers. As a result, you could have your issue resolved within minutes.

Encourage Participant Engagement

Virtual event platforms are built for collaboration. You could hold live polls, which provide an opportunity for an audience of even thousands to be a part of the discussion. You could invite participants to join the stage and interact with the speakers.

Platforms also offer a feature wherein you could use leader boards to showcase participant engagement.

Provide Participants a Platform to Interact

Do you want to keep participants engaged in between events? Offer them the opportunity to indulge in a conversation with like-minded individuals in separate breakout rooms designed with topics of interest in mind. It is a great way to foster social interactions and networking between participants.

Learn from Event Experts

If hosting a virtual event, such as a summit, seems too much for you. Event experts can step in and help you along the learning curve. Virtual event platforms could provide a quality on-boarding experience, complete with lessons on features, tools, and use cases.

Virtual event platforms are here to make the transition from in-person meets to the virtual world easier. The right platform will provide you with the tools to quickly set up events. Improve participant engagement and moderator capabilities, among others.