Is it Possible to Slow Down or Avoid Hair Loss?

hair loss

Hair loss is a physiological process that affects each of us, during the life of an individual it is estimated that about 20 cycles of hair growth, fall and regrowth follow each other. The duration of the life cycle of each hair varies from 2 to 6 years and the frequency of fall varies according

How to calm down quickly: 3 anti-stress gestures?

How to calm down quickly

How to calm down quickly in everyday stress amid screams, commitments, unimaginable pressures, is a question that has nothing to do with the usual ‘pain killers’. In fact, when we are very angry we tend to repeat the same relaxing gestures. Light a cigarette, drink coffee to break the routine, go for a ride on Facebook. Nothing more wrong according to

Broken link Building: What it is and how it works

Broken link Building

Broken link building is one of those SEO practices on the border between White and Black. In fact, although it was born with benevolent purposes, it often evolves into other black hat practices that are not really neat and pints. Precisely for this reason, we hear very little about it and, on the contrary. It is often overlooked when it

Link Building: 3 tips for truly effective backlinks

link building

The link building is an activity SEO crucial for you to get more traffic to their site and to improve the position in SERP Google. However, if after setting up a link building campaign and waiting for some time you do not notice any results or worse you have experienced a deterioration in positioning, there

Best Antivirus to Install on Windows 10 PC

best antivirus for windows 10

There are several best antivirus for Windows 10, both free and paid. Here are the best ones to install on our computer and secure our data Use Best Antivirus for Windows 10 Computer security nowadays is one of the main problems faced by users all over the world. The hackers are always ready to exploit the vulnerabilities present on the

Link building campaign, how to devise a valid strategy

link building

Today, ranking a site is increasingly complex for various reasons. First of all, competition has increased exponentially, also with regard to SEO Local. And secondly, Google’s algorithms become more and more ‘expert’ and able to accurately identify well-designed and built sites than those poor in content. And Also, for the website that using poor link building campaign. Therefore, the

Link building, what it is and why it is important

link building

If you are familiar with the net and with websites, you will certainly know what a link is. The web is made of links, connections, connections between the various resources. That allows users to actually navigate between one site and another. Through more or less direct and conscious paths. The addition of a link is an intentional

SEO best practices for internal links

Internal Links

When it comes to optimizing the site in SEO terms, there are really many parameters to consider: one of them, without a doubt, is the internal links. Internal links are those links that connect the various pages of a website together and are as important for SEO optimization. At least as are the external backlinks used for link building. Properly

How to optimize a web page in an SEO perspective?

optimize a web page for seo

Optimizing a web page for SEO, whether it is an article or an in-depth page relating to a service or product on sale, is very important. The links, of course, are necessary for very competitive sectors or for positioning complex or very generic keys, but on-page optimization is the first fundamental step to succeed in the company. What does