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Are LED tube lights worth your investment?

LED tube lights

There used to be a time when fluorescent lights were the new big thing. They were much superior to previous lighting solutions and became a standard quickly. Now the tides have changed again, and fluorescent tubes are being replaced by LED tube lights.

LED lights, in general, are much better than all of their previous light fixtures. LED tube lights, in particular, are extra special as they are a viable alternative to the fluorescent tubes used in the corporate sector for decades now.

You can learn more about LED tube lights by visiting But the question arises, are they actually worth your investment? The answer is yes, and here’s why:


LED lights are leagues ahead of older solutions in terms of energy efficiency. They use much less power for the same or even better performance. The difference for one light might look trivial, but it quickly adds up. They will practically pay back your investment by saving a ton of money on electrical bills.

Better performance:

LED tube lights are, in most cases, way brighter than their older cousins. The light is also distributed evenly and doesn’t have bright hot spots that can cause glare in your eyes. Besides, you are getting way more brightness in something very compact.

Longer lifespan:

LED tube lights have much longer lifespans than fluorescent tubes. This is due to the fact that there are no parts of the tube that get superhot when turned on. An LED tube consists of small yet powerful LED nodes connected to a controller circuit board and nothing else.

Fluorescent tubes were also made out of glass that is extremely fragile and will break in an instant. The combination of long-lasting technology and durable housing makes these tubes last for years without even breaking a sweat.


Fluorescent lights never start with full brightness. When turned on from a completely cold state, it can take upwards of three minutes to get to full brightness. This is extremely slow and has no place in the modern, fast-paced world. Led tube lights turn on immediately to one hundred percent brightness. They are also immune to rapid on-off switching. So as a bonus, you can also use them for flashing light displays.


The brightness of florescent based lights is often tied directly to their temperature. The hotter they get, the brighter they will be. This can have negative consequences in cold places, as a low temperature mean longer start times and dimmer lights.

LED tube lights, on the other hand, not only work fine in the cold, they get brighter. The semiconductors that these LEDs are based on getting more efficient as the temperature drops. But this doesn’t mean that they will get dimmer in hotter climates, as that’s not the case.


It is possible to control the brightness of a fluorescent tube, but it requires expensive special equipment. LEDs have this feature almost built-in. Many manufacturers provide remotes that you can use to dim or brighten your LED tube lights.