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Aeromed’s Non-Emergency Air Ambulance Service in Bangalore

Aeromed’s Non-Emergency Air Ambulance Service in Bangalore

In non-emergency scenarios, commercial air travel services would be the most popular way we assist our clientele. Many men and women prefer to have a commercial flight that’s equipped with medical apparatus that meets the individual requirements, and among our physicians, that can assist the individual with medication or therapy throughout the trip. Commercial flights will also be less expensive than personal possibilities, where we utilize our jets to fly the individual solo, or with family.

Our commercial air ambulances in Bangalore for non-emergency situations have the following requirements:-

An Ambulance Bag is a medical kit with basic first-aid equipment and an injury kit. This is the very first thing that a paramedic reaches in a crisis. To be on the other hand, all ambulances take this first aid kit or ambulance tote, for instance, non-emergency ambulance support.

The ambulance bag includes bandages, medications, syringes, drips, etc. The medications contain antiseptics, antibiotics, antipyretics, analgesics, sedatives, etc.

Gear for measuring crucial Signs

A non-emergency ambulance service is equipped with all of the instruments necessary for measuring an individual’s vital signs. These include a clinical thermometer for documenting the patient’s temperature, a sphygmomanometer for measuring blood pressure, a stethoscope for quantifying the patient’s heartbeat, etc.

A non-emergency ambulance service is not intended for emergencies. However, nobody knows when an emergency may crop up. So, the non-emergency ambulance service has a pocket mask using a one-time valve for doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR) if the individual suffers a cardiac arrest or respiratory dilemma midway through transportation.

Oxygen cylinder

Transporting elders is an ambitious undertaking for ambulances. There are high odds of seniors experiencing breathlessness or respiratory failure through transport. That is the reason a portable oxygen cylinder is obviously within non-emergency ambulance support for tackling any emergencies.

For individuals with respiratory disorders or older individuals, obtaining a mobile suction unit is essential for non-emergency ambulance support. This unit can help to suck up the fluid and mucus to free the lymph pathways.

A detachable drip rack is offered in the non-emergency ambulance support to administer IV injections to the individual during transport.

Bedridden and physically disabled patients need extra help during their transportation. They might suffer from urinary or bowel incontinence or may even experience nausea. Bedpans, urinals, and kidney dishes are readily available in the non-emergency ambulance support to encourage such patients.

Bed or Stretcher gear

This is the most essential gear in non-emergency ambulance support. The individual has to be changed to the hospital and house. This necessitates using a wheelchair or stretcher. The ambulance must also have spinal support collars and boards for altering patients with spinal or head injuries.

If you need air ambulance services and have time to plan, we would love to talk to you. Whether you need us in a few days, weeks, or months it’s always advantageous to plan as soon as possible. Aeromed’s air ambulance services will work with you in every step of the way. For more information about our air ambulance services in Bangalore or anywhere in India, please write to us.