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A Guide to Eyebrow Embroidery

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Eyebrows can change the way you look and feel in an instant. Perfectly-shaped brows can make you appear more pleasing. Sparse, on the other hand, can make you feel conscious. 

You can fix your brows daily with make-up, but not everyone enjoys the work. A quicker and more effective solution is safe eyebrow embroidery.

Your brows stay in place, and you no longer have to redo it each morning. But before you rush to the salon, read up first about the process so you know what to expect. 

A Guide to Eyebrow Embroidery

To help you get started, here’s a quick guide to eyebrow embroidery.

Find out if it’s for you. 

Anyone can get eyebrow embroidery. For one, this procedure isn’t only for those with thin brows. Even those with thick brows can benefit from it. 

However, you still need to check with your physicians or eyebrow salons to ensure that you’re qualified. 

If you’re pregnant, nursing, or are currently taking blood-thinning medications, the treatment may not be suitable for you. 

Research brow salons

Don’t scrimp for your embroidery sessions. There’s nothing wrong with using discount coupons or taking advantage of promotional offers, but be sure you’re going to a trusted service provider. 

It’s better to pay a little more than have to spend a lot later on rework. Take your research thoroughly. Look into the background of the eyebrow salon, and check client reviews to gauge the quality of their work. 

See if the types of eyebrow embroidery they’re offering can give you the results you desire.

Prioritize hygiene

It doesn’t hurt to ask the eyebrow salon about the steps they’re taking to ensure good hygiene and safety. 

Like any other cosmetic procedure, getting an eyebrow tattoo also comes with risks. But going to a professional salon minimizes all possible risks. For instance, you’ll want to be sure that the salon doesn’t reuse pins. 

Tools should be used only once, always sterilized, and properly disposed of after the treatment.  

Let your brow technician know if you’re sensitive to pain

Some people have low pain tolerance. If you are in this group, let your brow technician know immediately.  

Eyebrow embroidery involves pain but it’s bearable. Clients usually compare it to when you’re tweezing or threading your brows. 

Your brow technician will also help you to stay comfortable throughout the session. They’ll apply numbing cream on your brows and reapply again, when necessary. 

The only downside is the procedure will take longer as you still have to wait for the cream to take effect. But then again, your comfort comes first. 

Take aftercare seriously

The process doesn’t end once you step out of the salon. You need to look after your new brows to avoid complications. 

Your brow technician will provide you with aftercare instructions, so don’t forget to do as you’re directed. That includes cleaning your brows regularly and avoiding hot showers and intense physical activities. 

The aftercare duration will depend on your skin and treatment type.

Always choose safe and professional eyebrow embroidery

Safe eyebrow embroidery allows you to enjoy treatment results for longer and without any worries. You know that you had your brows done by professionals at a salon that maintains the highest standard of care for their clients.