9 DIY flooring installation tips

Bring out your artistic talent and install your flooring by yourself for any room or space, just know the basic installation tips and start applying them.

Note: all the tools mentioned in the article are available on the Homewagon.com website under the tools section.

1. First of all calculate the length and width of your room in order to purchase the flooring you want to install, for example if you room width is 4m and the length is 4m then the room is 16m this is the how much you need from flooring, add extra 2-4 just in case if you need extra in installation for cutdowns or if something happened in the future and you need from the same type so you would have spare to use.

2. Take some time to think and sketch the pattern. First you need to understand the pattern of your laminate wood flooring or whatever you need to install in order not to spoil it while cutting it. Measure your room or space and start sketching to see how the pattern will look like, to know the length and the width then start cutting, by doing this you will reduce the cuttings and material waste.

3. Take out all the carpets and make sure there’s no nails or staples on the surface after that vacuum the surface from any dust or dirt because that’s very important before starting to avoid any issues.

4. Plan how you will start laying your flooring pieces and where you will start from. And don’t forget this important Tip: always leave some space between the wood flooring and the wall because wood sometimes expands so it won’t be damaged in the future.

5. While installing the pieces if you find that some pieces are not placed easily then don’t force, maybe there is something preventing it like dirt or something else, you will always hear the sound of the planks when they are installed properly.

6. lock the tongue and groove and tap them together with a mallet and block for a tight fit between the boards. To match the planks together and no separators would be apparent.

7. Don’t always use the tape measure, after cutting the first plank use it to mark your next cut so all the planks be equivalent and make sure while cutting the saw or the cutting tool won’t deviate from the mark

8. If you have a door molding and you need the floor to pass below it so if you take off the mold the floor looks nice, then you will have to use the saw after measuring to cut and trim the molding to pass the plank beneath it.

9. Use the rubber hammer after finishing to hammer down lightly just to make sure that the flooring is installed correctly and steady.

Now after knowing these few tips start to apply them on your flooring. If you need some help in choosing the best flooring read our articles to know more and start renovating your house and do the installations by yourself.

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