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7 Bizarre Facts About Cigars

A cigar is not only a smoking product but a complete class. It has been claimed that dreaming or even seeing a cigar is a symbol of luxury and a relaxed state of mind. It represents intense passion and feelings. There have always been various lore or tales existing around the cigars. As they have not been proved or confirmed, some of them hold truth to them. Let’s look at a number of unusual facts regarding cigars.

Cigar Factories Hire Readers 

Rolling a cigar with your hand is counted as expert work. But the monotonous operations of rolling thousands of cigars each day does not come in the space of entertainment. In Cuba, a cigar company to tackle the boredom aspect of this job, hired readers who could narrate stories or read other pieces of stuff aloud to motivate and amuse their workers. Even in the modern world, this practice of reading newspapers or books is active in a few of the cigar factories. Those companies who are not lucrative enough to hire people for entertainment purposes can use audiobooks now. Technology is really replacing physical labor gradually. 

Churchill & His Love for Cigars

Winston Churchill, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, had a special love story with cigars. He could not live even a few hours of his life without smoking a cigar. Well, what makes this point bizarre is that once Churchill smoked at the height of 15,000 feet from the ground.

He was once flying in an unpressurized plane where he was advised to wear an oxygen mask that inevitably took him away from his lovely puffs. However, known for his power of unyielding, he demanded a specially prepared mask that can help him light a cigar even at a higher altitude. That is how he was able to smoke at an immense height.  

Empress Allegedly Came Up With the Idea of Cigar Bands

 The longest-ruling women of Russia, Catherine II, a.k.a Catherine the Great, was also fond of cigars. The Empress of Russia used to wrap a piece of cloth around her hand to avoid the smell and taste of cigars getting on her body. There have been numerous claims that the cigar bands were inventions of others but this contested myth is surely impressive. 

*Note that many cigar manufacturers also order cigar bands with their cigar boxes wholesale to give it as a complementary product. 

Smoking Did Not Use to Mean Smoking

The natives of the United States of America used to have a variety of terms for smoking products. When the Europeans reversed the word “tobacco” to “smoke,” it started a wave of confusion. Because the word tobacco was used to refer to smoking pipes back in the days, whereas tobacco was called cohiba – which is a cigar company now – at that time. The word cigar was coined from the process of smoking, which was used to be known as sikar back then. 

Cigar Being Mark Twain’s Work Partner

Mark Twain, the father of American literature and the United States’ greatest humorist, romanced cigars so much that he would end smoking about three hundred cigars monthly. Upon his wife’s request, he tried to give up smoking but only to find out that he was suffering from intense writer’s block. Cigars were what kept him going. By smoking around ten cigars a day, Twain wrote an entire book in a span of only three months. 

Cigars for Health & Spiritual Purposes

It is indeed a bizarre fact that tobacco was also used for the physical and spiritual healing of people back in the days. People used it as a pain reliever for different aches, including earache, toothache, or even to cure colds with the infusion of herbal products. It was later studied that tobacco would open different pores and passages in your body, so the indigenous society would see effective results. 

A different group of people believes that the cigar plants are a blessing of the God, and they can communicate their devotions and prayers to Him by smoking them. 

Change the Flavor of Your Tobacco with Diverse Cultivation

It is not unknown that the tobacco industry is diverse and it has its shades over different continents, like Asia, North and South America and everywhere else in the world. Cuban cigars are different because of the way they are cultivated. Similarly, others will vary in their taste. It depends on the concertation of nitrates in the soil. So, the taste of cigars differs when it is cultivated differently. 

These are seven of the most informative and bizarre facts you will find regarding cigars. It would be great for brands who specialize in the cigar business to print these facts on their boxes. You can find different styles and order your lot with different facts and style to make your product eye-catching. 

Light one and relax in your comfort zone while reading our exciting facts!