5 Nicotine-Free E-Liquids by Ruthless Vapors

E-Liquids have been the talk of the town in recent years. People love these E-Liquids, especially those that are nicotine-free since they offer a satisfying throat hit. Whether you are a regular user of e-liquids or using them as a secondary device, the right flavor is essential. Apart from that, the strength of e-liquid is also crucial. When all the elements are correct and balanced, you will experience a great deal of satisfaction.

Usually, e-liquids are grouped into five flavor categories – menthol, tobacco, fruit, custard, and candy. So you can shop for them in a better way. Every individual has their liking and preference depending on the flavor & the strength of the product. Nicotine-free e-liquid is a favorite among people.

Are you planning to buy a nicotine-free e-liquid? Here are the top five nicotine-free e-liquids by Ruthless Vapor UK.

Ruthless Vapor Ez Duz It On Ice

If you have a thing for menthol, then this is going to be your favorite e-liquid. Ruthless has combined a perfect balance of ripe strawberries and juicy watermelons to give your taste buds a blast. It is delightful to use this e-liquid because of its incredible and unique flavor. 

The combination of fresh strawberries & watermelon, and menthol gives you the kick you were looking for. The cooling sensation of the menthol indeed hits your sensation in the best possible manner. It has an incredibly smooth hit, and the strength of this e-liquid is excellent, and you will surely come back for more. 85% vegetable glycerin and 15% propylene glycol are used in this particular e-liquid.

Ruthless Vapor Ez Duz It

EZ Duz is one of the most popular Ruthless products that you will find out there. It has been blended perfectly with strawberries and juicy watermelon, giving the users a solid fruity punch. When you inhale the liquid, it will provide you with a fantastic taste of strawberries with a slight tinge of watermelon. As soon as you exhale, the taste of watermelon becomes more prominent. 

The e-juice is smooth and gives you a satisfying hit whenever you inhale it, making it an excellent choice for those new to inhaling e-juices. Looking for a simple fruit flavor all-day vape? Then you must surely try this one right away.

It is prepared with 10% propylene glycol and 90% vegetable glycerin. Thus it helps the users form a massive cloud of vapor and satisfies their throat. The availability of three different nicotine strengths, 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, has made it easier for users to choose their ideal product. If you want your stock to last long, pick a 120 ml bottle while for short-term use, select a 60 ml bottle. 

The bottles have child-resistant caps, and the unique bottle design does not let you spill the liquid.  

Ruthless Vapor Grape Drank

If you are searching for a delicious and robust grape flavor vape in the market, this Ruthless Vapor Grape Drank is the best bet. The e-liquid has a fizzy grape soda that comes with a mellow flavor of grape candy. This is easily one of the rare flavors you have in the market. The mellow sweetness is refreshing. Those who are a fan of grape flavor must surely give this nicotine-free liquid a try.

Ruthless has also launched a menthol version of this special flavor. That punches in a very satisfying menthol rush whenever you inhale and gives you the perfect opportunity to cheer up your senses and taste buds. The hit is super smooth and provides an exhilarating feeling with 85% VG and 15% PG.

Slurricane by Ruthless Vapor

Ruthless has infused guava, sweet papaya, and peach into the Slurricane, one of the best-selling products. With every inhale of Slurricane, you can enjoy a healthy and refreshing aroma every day. It can be your favorite e-liquid on a hot day because the flavor is so fresh and cool. The balance of sweet and tangy flavors has already impressed several users in the market. 

It has a VG: PG ratio of 90:10 and is available in 2 sizes, namely 60ml and 120ml. You can have this excellent e-liquid in three types of nicotine strengths, 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. The first one is ideal for those looking for nicotine-free e-liquids, whereas the other two are suitable for mild to expert vapers. 

This e-liquid is manufactured in the USA in a solid plastic bottle attached with a childproof cap and tamper-proof seal. Its design is perfect for sub-ohm vaping. 

Tropic Thunda – Ruthless E-juice

Tropic Thunda by Ruthless is very much famous for its unique flavors. It is available in 2 flavors, namely berries and guava. With every puff you inhale, you will experience a generous splash of fruity punch. It comes with a 60:40 ratio of VG and PG and two different sizes of bottles, 60ml, and 120ml, and provides ultrasmooth throat heat. 

Earlier it was only available with two different nicotine strengths, 3mg, and 6mg. However, recently, its nicotine-free version got launched. So, if you are looking for a nicotine-free e-liquid, tropic thunder will be ideal. 

With a sweet taste, huge cloud formation, and mild texture, it is sure to win over both seasoned and novice vapers. They come in chubby gorilla unicorn bottles made of soft plastic and attached with a narrow dip trip. As a result, you can fill the vape tank quickly without spilling any liquids. 

Final Words

The five e-liquids by Ruthless Vapors discussed above are some of the best-selling products in the market. Hundreds of users are already using them regularly. Each of them has unique and thrilling flavors that can give you an incredible blast in the summer. They are safe to use as no nicotine is there and made of the best ingredients available. If you haven’t used them yet and want to try something new, opt for them and give your throat a pleasing surprise.

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