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5 Most Important Businesses in Hatton Garden, London

Most Important Businesses in Hatton Garden

The infamous Hatton Garden in London, UK, is a hub for trendy jewellery. The marketplace has a number of jewellery retail as well as wholesale shops. It is an eminent name in the jewellery industry since it offers a trendy and attractive collection at a fair cost. The crucial businesses in Hatton Garden play an important role in determining the market performance of jewellery in the city, if not all around the globe. Five most important and thriving businesses in hatton Garden have been mentioned as follows.  


The Queensmith Master Jewellers in the heart of the renowned marketplace Hatton Garden in London is one of the most efficient wholesalers of jewellery, especially the diamond ones. The place offers several benefits that should cater to the requirements of international as well as local customers. When it comes to engagement rings in London, the discussed jewellers offer the best results. The jewellery is authentically manufactured and presents an exceptional value for the items. The diamonds used in the jewellery are GIA certified, to ensure reliability.


It is one of the most trusted retailers in the city that specialize in engagement rings, wedding bands and bridal jewellery. This enables you to pre-book a private consultation in order to pick a jewellery item that suits your needs. It has warm and approachable customer service that shall guide you in choosing the perfect wedding band for your significant other. They combine efficient and traditional manufacturing techniques to ensure the attainment of desirable results. The innovative 3D CAD software is used to make sure that the jewellery is durable as well as attractive.


It is another important business in Hatton Garden that has contributed immensely towards consumer satisfaction. It comprises of GIA trained staff that shall assist you in shopping for the best suited jewellery for you and your partner. They have their own in-house diamond cutter and polisher to ensure the best results. The jewellery is built in size and is made to ensure durability and uniqueness. Some of the prominent benefits offered are 10 year warranty, fair pricing and 30 day money back guarantee.


The company is dedicated to make bespoke pieces of jewellery for the personalized client base. Several modern technologies are used including the 3D CAD and Laser Welding as required to ensure the best finish products. The process of manufacturing often includes design, fabrication, mount making and 3D modeling and even polishing.


If you are looking for an engagement ring that serves purpose and is highly appealing, this is the place you should consider while making a selection. This renowned showroom, offers a wide variety of designs in unique dress jewellery as well as bridal ornaments.

In conclusion, the aforementioned businesses in Hatton Garden make the market place an ideal location for wedding bands and bridal jewellery. In order to obtain engagement rings hatton gardens, you shall definitely not neglect these showrooms and retail houses.