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4 Things Every New Restaurant Needs

Things Every New Restaurant Needs

Let’s face it, owning or running a restaurant is a big deal. It’s under the food and hospitality niche, and that means serving different types of foods to the public, so trust us when we say a lot is expected from you. Not just from your customers but also the government regulatory bodies. After you’ve secured a space, you still have a few things to worry about for a smooth-running operation. That said, if you’re planning to join the restaurant owners out there, here are four things every new restaurant needs.

Service Equipment

Service Equipment

Let’s kick it off from the most basic and important: the food service. Restaurants will naturally have different food processors and production equipment, depending on the type of food they offer the public. Usually, most hot meal-serving restaurants will need a kitchen area.

Many kitchens that offer a wide range of delicacies may need to be furnished with kitchen equipment like a dishwasher, ice machine, grill, oven, refrigerator, frier, table, meat grinder, and blender. They’ll also need knives, spoons, dishes, and so on.

Some equipment may require minimum requirements for operation, so you might need to check with your local health department. An example is the HVAC system. The requirements for a restaurant’s HVAC are different from a typical non-food serving environment. Therefore, you should schedule HVAC maintenance as soon as possible.

Furthermore, buying new equipment for your restaurant can be expensive, not to mention the operational cost. A good option is to lease restaurant equipment. The pros of equipment lease are that you have the equipment upfront, making affordable monthly payment easy as you use the equipment to make profits. There are different restaurant equipment financing options, so you should opt for a leasing company with a relatively low interest rate and favorable lease term.

POS Systems

Yes, you need to have a good menu, but excellent restaurant service is more than just providing a menu of decent meals to customers. You also need to have an efficient payment collection system, both for cash handlers and credit card/debit cards users. You might think point of sale shouldn’t be an issue, but you’d be surprised just how many businesses are frustrated with their POS system. Customers prefer to patronize restaurants that offer a seamless flow from an order to service to payment. So, ensure you research and opt for efficient POS software.



No food service business can run smoothly without suppliers or vendors. It’s crucial to get the necessary vendors and establish a relationship before starting your restaurant business. A restaurant needs food vendors, which can be local farmers or food merchants. That’s not all, though. A restaurant also needs vendors that’ll supply manpower. You can call them agencies if you like. You’ll need to clean floors, equipment, and dishes, serve customers, etc. All these services require people, and you’ll do well to employ them from vendors or agencies that can vouch for honest and decent staff.


We know insurance plans may not be top on your list when starting a new business, but you do need them, and some may be mandatory. Insurance needed in restaurants includes property and liability insurance. Property insurance covers the facility or building where the business operates. It also covers the equipment and various tangible or physical asset. This insurance can cover you in the scenario of a fire, natural disaster like an earthquake, or theft of your restaurant equipment.

There also might be claims from customers about the service you provide. Liability insurance will protect the restaurant against such claims. This insurance is also useful in the case of libel, slander, and similar lawsuits.