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3 ways to make reading an interesting job

You have a probable think about making reading an interesting and easy job. In fact, two years ago, I also thought about making reading easy and interesting, and that leads me to read some books and on top of the list was Atomic Habit. In This Book, James tells us that if we want to make a long-lasting habit then we have to work to make it easy and comfortable. In opposite, if we feel pain while doing something, then the chances of quitting are high.

Suppose you want to do exercise every day, but you don’t like jogging or running instead of running why don’t you play football if you love it then.

This technique works with all kinds of habits, from Reading to playing.

In this article, I will give you four tips with the help of them you can make reading easy and interesting.

1) Never read books which you don’t like.

I believe that if you don’t enjoy anything physically but enjoy psychologically, then you will continue doing it. Still, if you don’t feel amazing psychologically but feel good physically, you will stop doing it. So if you read the book but are not interested in reading a book, you will quit reading it within a few days.

2) Try to Make it Easy

Try to make it easy and comfortable but never go for too comfortable, because you will sleep if you feel too comfortable. Comfortable means you are enjoying the book psychologically, plus you feel good physically. You can make it physically cool by using a right pillow-like bed rest pillow with a cup holder while reading in a bed. It helps you to sit in the right posture, which keeps you safe from neck pain.

3) Never Read if you feel Bad or Sick

Some people prefer to read when they are sick or ill, and as a result, they feel bad. In fact, after becoming well, if you sit to read a book, you feel the same feeling because previously you have felt bad, and our neuro system works like that. It links some events and situations with pain and pleasure. When it relates to pain, it avoids it all time, and once it connects with joy, it attracts itself.


Try to read and understand them Carefully and also try to implement them immediately and see the result. I hope you will get an idea on how to make reading an easy and enticing job.