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3 Ways to Ensure Your Windows Installation Goes Smoothly

Windows Installation Goes Smoothly

As a homeowner, you always want to make that any renovations to your home are done with the greatest of ease and in a timely fashion. Windows installation is no different, as you want to make sure that contractors do an amazing job transforming a perhaps darker room into a beacon of natural light. Here are a few ways that homeowners can ensure that the windows installation process goes smoothly as possible.

1. Get your measurements in order:

Windows Installation Goes Smoothly

Be sure to find licensed contractors within your area who have a history of completing projects in a timely manner and offer affordable prices. You can simply type something like “windows in Portage MI” into a search engine to get estimates on installation for multiple windows or a single window. Before hiring a crew to install replacement windows in your home, you deserve to know that you’re working with licensed, insured, and experienced professionals. This can be for anything from awning and bay replacement windows to slider and picture replacements.

Before making any changes, be sure to measure the window frames. You can’t check the measurements enough. Start by measuring the inside width of the old window frame, jamb to jamb, across the top, middle, and bottom. After that, measure the frame’s height from the top of the sill to the underside of the head jamb at the left jamb, in the middle, and at the right. Again, record the smallest measurement. Check the squareness of the frame by measuring the diagonals from corner to corner. Finally, use an angle-measuring tool to determine the slope of the sill.

2. Remove framing and other parts:

Windows Installation Goes Smoothly

As you prepare to go through with a replacement project, be sure to take out the pieces of the old window by piece to make way for the new window treatments. The first step is to remove the old sash from the window frame. This requires prying off or unscrewing the interior wooden stops to remove the lower sash, then taking out the parting beads to free the upper sash. Once that’s removed, it’s time to pry off the jambs. Use a flat bar to pry the jambs free. This is usually easy to do with vinyl windows. In the case of the original window, remove any remaining wooden stops from that window frame.

With the older frame, it’s important to scrape off all loose and blistered paint and patch cracks with exterior-grade wood putty, then sand the jambs smooth and paint the surfaces. From there, the preparation for windows installation can really set in. Depending on the nature of the project, you may want to assess past insulation efforts. You may want to opt for polyurethane foam to replace any existing fiberglass situation.

3. Weigh options to help your expenses:

Windows Installation Goes Smoothly

When looking for windows that are showroom new, you want to assess all of the options at your disposal. Energy-efficient windowpanes better absorb heat that could end up having a significant impact in the long run on your home’s energy bills. You could even get rebates for the installation of your home’s windows. You obviously want contractors who are going to do an excellent job no matter the nature of the project. That’s why it’s important to find technicians that understand the needs of your household.

Some contractors will offer siding replacement for the exterior of your household, making sure that the new windows are not only pristine but also durable for the long run. After all, if these technicians do a great job, you’ll be more apt to recommend them to neighbors or friends of yours in the area who are also homeowners.