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Unique Ways to Make Money on a Vacation Rental Property

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Short term property or a Vacation Rental home can be anything ranging from house or a villa to a condo or cottages.

What has caused a buzz of vacation rental these days is the high demand. The vacation rentals are loved by Millennials and pensioners alike when it comes to choosing a home where they wish to spend their holidays the way they like.

And this gives you perfect reasons to invest and make money on a vacation rental.

Even in the metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur, people are considering vacation rentals as an option for investment. Thus, there is a gradually increasing demand of villas and 2 bhk flats in Jaipur at great locations to put them on rent and turn them into profitable assets.

Buying a vacation rental home is your first step in the investment. But to churn out the vacation rental income, you will also have to put in some extra efforts.

To keep your property up-to-date, you can follow the latest home décor trends so that your property looks young and attractive.

After all, what shows is what sells!

But before knowing about the effective money-making tips for a high vacation rental income,

It’s time to know about 

Benefits of Buying Vacation Rental Homes

One of the significant reasons to consider vacation rental homes as an ideal vacation abode is the pricing. Vacation rental homes offer competitive rates as compared to overpriced hotels, and thus people opt for a rental home instead of crowded restaurants.

Moreover, vacation rental homes provide a more private and intimate setting which is ideal for couples and families. Below are some more benefits of vacation rental investment.

Generate passive income action

Rental investment is your safe step towards real Estate. A holiday home rental will give your significant returns which will be your passive income as these homes will be frequently rented by the travellers too at a good price.

Appreciates value over time

Real Estate is one such investment that appreciates over time regardless of the market crashes in times of crisis. One of the major benefits of buying a vacation rental to make money is If you sell your second home even after a year or two, you will earn benefits in cash.

Option of lesser risk

In comparison to the other real estate properties, a vacation home will keep you at a lower risk as these days’ vacation homes are more popular than hotels. Moreover, you can reach high occupancy rates, and you can also charge higher rates for the stays.

However, a good vacation rental income is only possible if you make some amendments into it!

For example, if the summer season is near, you can prep up your vacation home for summer to give it an extra zing!

Thus, buying a vacation rental home is not sufficient, but taking care of it and changing in accordance with the latest trends is essential as well.

Let us know more here,

Brilliant ways to make money on a vacation rental property:

You can earn some significant benefits from the vacation rental property investment but here are some fail-proof ways to make money with a vacation rental home.

You can use these ways to revamp your home, make it visible to the tenants and even to take the vacation rental revenue a notch higher by adding some new gadgets too! Here are some ways that you can follow.

Find the perfect property

If you want your vacation rental home to be your best investment, then you must keep in mind the factors like:

Location – Choosing a property far off from the tourist spots and at a place with less tourism is the last thing you will want to do. Find a property around parks, malls, entertainment places or bus stops.

Property type – you can opt for villas, cottages and even tents if the area allows. The more lavish the property looks, the more travelers it is expected to lure in.

Rules – Some properties have a set list of regulations according to the city or town they are in. Make sure to check these rules, the legal papers, tax on vacation rentals, and get a NOC before you invest to generate a hassle-free revenue from a vacation rental.

Spruce it up 

It’s important to create some aesthetic living spaces that appeal to the senses of the visitors. You can turn it into a minimalistic home or add some splash of colors to give it a vibrant look.

Also, if you are planning to turn your vacation home into a family space, then keeping it subtle and cozy should be your style. While if you are planning to make it a happening place for solo travelers or friends, you can add some rustic style and add bright colors.

Do not forget to take a look at the bathroom as well as because 70% of the tourists prefer lavish bathrooms. Thus, adding a hot bath or a Jacuzzi will boost your revenue by 15-20%.

Update it to the latest trends

If you need to elevate your earnings from the rental property, you will have to be in accordance with the au courant. People these days capture every little thing that pleases them and uploads it on social media platforms.

You can use this to your advantage and include a wallpaper of the year in some special rooms of your property and spread the word. The youngsters will surely want to see a room that has a beautiful wall and will click some pics with it too!

Also, keep on changing the wallpapers and colors of the home in line with the color of the year. This will not only give our home a new and fresh but will also give your home a distinguished look.

You can even put some gym equipment like a cycle, treadmill, benches and dumbbells for the fitness freaks. This will be a smart move while upgrading your rental property to make money.

Boost it digitally

The presence of your vacation rental property on digital platforms is one of the major factors that will decide the popularity of your property.

This will, in turn, govern the vacation rental income too!

Thus it is important to put it up on third party platforms, optimize your listings or make your website to. The tourists coming across your listing and enquiring about your property can bring a steady source of income.

Put up some professional images of the property, give an option for online booking or offer breakfast with some extra charges – these add on will make your property a hotspot for the travelers and offer you a flock of tenants.


Making money on a vacation rental property is the new way of generating passive income. Be it a 2 BHK or 3 BHK flats or villa in Jaipur, you can buy whatever suits you the best and turn it into a good real estate investment. Following some above-mentioned steps can help you in multiplying revenue from vacation property and give you some handsome returns in a short period.Read More »Unique Ways to Make Money on a Vacation Rental Property