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Secure Your Vehicle From Getting Stolen With Auto-Watch Ghost

Auto-watch Ghost

Can you imagine waking up in the morning and not seeing your vehicle in your garage? You never know a bad time comes up in one’s life. To protect your vehicle with the best product i.e. Auto-watch Ghost. It is the most intelligent and efficient protection ever launched to protect the cars from getting stole. As thieves have been getting familiar with new technology and can purchase different Hi-tech material from the internet. Key-fob reliable protection has also broken by thieves by cloning it in few seconds.  Ghost immobilizer secures the vehicle with a unique sequence of code which is essential to power-on the vehicle. The engineers working for installation are approved from the top relevant institutes.

What is Auto-watch Ghost?

It is a small device that is fitted on the desired part of your vehicle without needing to cut any of the wires of the vehicle. It can be placed on the door look or steering wheel or on the dashboard where the customer wishes. It is not detected or diagnosed by any radiation detector or any other technology. It is operated by the factory buttons of the car to unlock the car and drive it.  You can change to a sequence of code whenever you wish just within a few seconds. Even ghost immobilizers cannot be hacked i.e. no can hack the system code to decode it for getting the unique code. 

Protection by Ghost Immobilizer:

The vehicle is protected with the ghost immobilizer in the way that the car won’t start until and unless the specific code is entered. In this way even if the key fob is cloned no use of it because the thief won’t be able to drive the car until and unless a unique sequence of which only the owner is entered.

Undetectable and unrecognizable Alarm:

As other alarms are detectable and can be turned off due to their circuits or radio wave transmission. This ghost watch cannot be detected with any kind of detector. This is a big take over the other protective product which helps it to keep your vehicle safe.

Forgetting pin code of auto-watch in an emergency:

There is always an alternative of every pin code which is a unique code assigned by the device itself at the time of creating code. If a person does not remember that to then one can activate service mode which will allow you to drive but up to a specific speed and time, the service mode would exit or one can exit service mood by entering the unique code.

Additional Tracking Device:

The company provides a free additional device with the purchase of Ghost immobilizer which is a tracking device for the vehicle the owner of the vehicle can view the location and position of the vehicle at one’s mobile phone it’s quite useless in case you gives your car any of your relatives or friend. It is easy installing just plug in it to the OBD port and it’s working.

Purchase and Installing of Immobilizer:

First, you have to purchase the immobilizer according to the modal of your vehicle. Then you can call the company service to be at your location and install it in your car. There are some versions of auto-watch ghosts for those you have to come to the service location. After installing the company would provide a complete guide about the immobilizer, how to operate it, change unique code, etc. The facility of fitting and installation is available nationwide, so no issue where ever you are at the home, office, or the dealership.

Advantage of auto-watch ghost:

The biggest advantage of a ghost watch is that if one has not made the insurance of the car then the best alternative option is Ghost Immobilizer. You can trust the immobilizers from the company because it certificated and experienced in this technology. Also, have shreds of evidence of certain those customers whose vehicle was about to be stolen but got saved because of the company ghost immobilizer. All the parts and products purchased from the company have a guarantee of twelve months.