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Reasons To Study At German Universities

Germany is known for its world-class education as it has top-class universities offering the best life opportunities to students. It provides the student’s opportunities to study and become experts in their respective fields and provide them with flexible timings and courses. The tu9 universities are considered as the topmost universities in the ranking. These universities have signed up an alliance with each other. They have together built up an excellent reputation and have developed remarkable networks with international businesses and industries. This is beneficial for the students to get invaluable knowledge, experiences, and placement opportunities. This also offers the students the opportunity to explore their fields.

Tu9 universities are:-

  • RWTH Aachen University
  • Technical University Berlin
  • Technical University Braunschweig
  • Technical University Darmstadt
  • Technical University Dresden
  • Leibniz University Hannover
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • Technical University Munich
  • University Stuttgart

Moreover, these universities are known for tradition and innovations. They have proved themselves as the world of tomorrow with the expertise in various skills and techniques. These universities also stand for their excellence and discipline. Now, let’s see some reasons to study at German universities.

Reasons for studying in Germany are:-

  • No tuition fee: This is the biggest advantage of studying at German universities as they don’t charge any tuition fees from students (whether domestic or international). The only condition is that it should be a public institution. All you have to pay is administration charges and other nominal charges such as transport, health insurance, etc.
  • Top research destination: These universities support the students for international researches along with which you can enjoy the privilege of fellowships and postdoctoral jobs.
  • Industrial network: These universities have strong industrial and business networks across the world. This means your future is secure with these universities as they offer their students with placement opportunities and work experiences.
  • Work permit: Germany offers a work permit of approx. 18 months to international students. This is for those who want to work after the completion of their studies.
  • Student cities: These are the cities especially for students offering quality living at affordable costs. Some of the student-friendly cities in Germany are Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin, Aachen.
  • Networking: The atmosphere at German universities is quite challenging. As the professors here promote self-leaning and self-development of students. This will enhance the student’s thinking pattern, and also builds up his inner and outer personality.
  • Recreational outlets: As we know, along with work and studies, recreational activities are also very important for the students to get relax. Hence, the students will get a lot of recreational outlets in Germany to explore. Moreover, German universities even provide travel cards to students at nominal administrative charges.

So, as we can see the Germany is full of opportunities and if you want to study here, all you have to do is to start filling your application form. Select the course and university suitable for you after meeting upon their eligibility and requirements criteria. Submit your application within a deadline mentioned in the university. After that, apply for a visa and manage your finances. Hence, these are the main things that are to be done while applying for admission to German universities.