Developing a website takes a significant number of resources. Even if you happen to be a website developer, you will have to sit for hours to get the job done. But, regardless of how appealing a website might look, it will have little to no standing in the eyes of the search engine in case it falls short of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). That is where Backlinks swing into action.

Backlinks are an integral part of SEO. So it is just a matter of time before an SEO-oriented conversation gets dominated by the discussion regarding backlinks.


In simple words, a backlink refers to a one-way bridge between your website and any other website.

Backlinks are also called inbound links, incoming links, or one-way links. These links

get generally mounted on the pages of different websites. By clicking these links,

you can land on the other website.

Backlinks tend to generate traffic to a website. Another benefit of using backlinks is that they are the vote of confidence for the search engines that bring forth the website’s credibility and worth.  Once you incorporate them in your webpages, algorithms will crawl to improve the rank of your website.


As mentioned above, search engines count backlinks as the “votes” of the ranking of webpages. The higher the links present on a page, the higher will be the rank of that website. By backlinks, search engines estimate that a website contains reliable and useful content and directs users to it.

Hence, having enough and quality backlinks is very necessary for digital marketing task success. While passing authority from one page to any other page, link juice must come into consideration. What is link equity, and why marketers need to keep it in the loop? Link equity is the metric to gauge page ranking on the SERPs, which determines the flow of authorities of linked pages. Both internal, external links qualify for the link juice phenomenon.


There are thousands of websites oozing with countless backlinks, yet they go down unnoticed by the search engine. The reason behind this is relatively straightforward; these websites get stuffed with mediocre backlinks. So you can only qualify for a decent ranking if you rely on authoritative backlinks.

For a non-professional person, it could be a mounting task to differentiate between a mediocre and quality backlink. Well, we have listed some key factors that mark the difference between the two: 

  • Google rank backlinks by using the “Domain Authority” algorithm. As a rule of thumb, you should opt for websites with higher domain authority, preferably 60+. Are you wondering how to decode the domain authority of a website? Well, many online platforms help you to get the job without charging a dime.   
  • The visible part of the backlink also called “Anchor Text” should contain the related keywords. The higher the resemblance, the higher will be the openings of that backlink.
  • The niche of your and host website must be similar. 
  • Using the same host for a backlink, again and again, is not helpful. The search engine does not appreciate this practice. Try to make a wide range of hosts.


The digital marketing world is laden with a host of strategies that could get executed to achieve a similar objective. Following are some of the widely applied techniques to get backlinks to your website.

  • Work on your “Linkable Assets.” In SEO terminology, the linkable assets are those

contents or webpages which possess quality and reliability. Improve the description

and content on the website to the standard practice.

  • Adopt the broken link strategy. In this strategy, you need to connect your backlink to the pages with 404 errors. In search of a solution to the problem, it will direct towards

your website’s content.

  • Utilize guest posting to generate backlinks to your website. In this strategy, you need to write content for blogs or websites as a guest. You can include the backlinks of your website in your content. Try to seek reliable and well-known websites or blogs for guest posting. Also, make sure the guest posting sites represent your industry.
  • Track your company links and apply the link reclamation method. If there is any website or

digital platform that has your company mention without a backlink, reclaim it. Send a friendly official mail asking for a backlink. The response will be in your favor more often than not because the laxity from the other end will land the respective website in deep trouble. 


Unfortunately, backlinks are not given as much importance by many website owners. As a result, their ranking suffers despite ticking all the other SEO requirements. A link building strategy does not yield desirable results overnight. You have to be patient and persistent before algorithms finally start crawling in your favor.  

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