Best Vastu Tips To Boost Positive Energy At Your Home

Vastu shastra is a very traditional study where in the things involved in the architecture of the house or the orientation of the house are studied and considered in a very detailed way so that they impose positive energy, wealth, and welfare in the houses. It is a very ancient study and if you want to learn about it, you can join vastu class online. There are a lot of course regarding the same online and you can choose the best online vastu course and know more about the same as well.

However, to help you out in a brief way, here are some amazing and the best vastu tips which will surely induce positive energy at your home. According to vastu, the main entrance of your house is not only the energy of your home but it is also the entrance for the energy to come to your house. It is suggested that the entrance of the house should be facing north, east, or the north east direction, this is supposed to bring positive energy in your home and keep you happy. This is one of the major things that is taught in vastu class online.

To learn more, you can join the best online vastu course and follow the same in your house. The main door is considered to be the entrance of victory and also the progress which will enter your life. It should be constructed in a way so that when you step out of your house, you come face to face with north, east, or north east direction only. It should be made of very high quality of wood. The main door should be quite appealing for your home. Make sure that you don’t add a fountain or any other element which is decorative or centred around water.

Also, try and make sure that you don’t place a shoe rack or any kind of dustbin near or at the main door specially not outside it. avoid that you don’t have a bathroom near your main door and the entrance of your house has a lot of lighting as well. don’t add any kind of animal statues or figures at your main door and don’t paint the main gate of your house in black colour. You can add colourful and attractive name plates also as they look very appealing along with some kind of auspicious torans.

The doors that you have should open in a clockwise manner. One of the rooms of your house should be dedicated to meditation or prayers also. This will surely help you to connect to the higher power and make it very introspective for you and this is very important. You can paint that room in a green, light yellow, white, or even beige colour as well. try and ensure that your living room is clutter free. This is because whenever somebody comes over, the living room is the first place they go to and so it is of most importance.

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