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What Are The Signs Of A Failing Vehicle Alternator?

Signs That Tell You That The Alternator Is Failing

In a modern cars these days, a lot of equipment depends on electricity to be functional. But, is it possible for your car battery to power up all of your car parts without any problems? It should be realized that the primary job of your car battery is to help you start your car. But, as you drive around in your vehicle, it’s the vehicle alternator that keeps your car’s electrical systems working in good condition.

Hence, by now you must have understood the importance of a vehicle alternator, which is why in this article we’ll be discussing the main signs of a failing alternator – with the help of a mobile auto mechanic. 

What Does A Car Alternator Do?

You can find your car alternator inside your car engine which is essential to ensure that your vehicle moves. The alternator converts the mechanical energy that is produced by the engine and turns the same into electrical energy. In this way, all the electrical systems inside your car stay powered, including your cabin lights, headlights, radio, and others. 

The components of an alternator are as follows:


The diodes are crucial for converting an alternating current into a direct current so that your car components don’t get damaged. 

Rotor & Stator 

The rotor contains several magnets that rotate quickly while the stator has a tightly winded bundle of copper wire, which allows the electricity to flow through.

Cooling Fan

Just like any other cooling fan, the alternator helps in regulating the temperature. The cooling fan ensures that the alternator doesn’t get overheated under normal circumstances. In case the alternator overheats, then the alternator might fail. 

Voltage Regulator

The voltage regulator functions as a surge protector. It is responsible for keeping the voltage from exceeding the threshold level. 

The Lifespan Of Alternators

Generally, an alternator can last an average of around seven to eight years, or a travel session ranging between 150,000 – 250,000 KM. With that being said, the lifespan also depends on the quality of the alternator that is being used, the devices that are connected to it, and how the car is stored or driven. 

Signs That Tell You That The Alternator Is Failing

Signs That Tell You That The Alternator Is Failing

Accessory Lights Not Powerfully Lighting Up

If you notice your car’s accessory lights are not powering up as they’re supposed to, then the probabilities are that the alternator is not generating much energy. 

Dead Battery Or Delayed Vehicle Startup

In case you regard your vehicle as taking an extended time to start up or not starting at all, then it can be because of a failing alternator. This is because – the alternator is responsible for transferring the electric power and if it fails, it leads to a dead battery.