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Top 6 Great Reasons to Move to Texas

Reasons to Move to Texas

Do you know why the majority of people prefer moving to Texas to any other state in the U.S.? As per research, 4 out of 10 people prioritize Texas while relocating from their previous homes.

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There are tons of reasons why people love to move to Texas. The booming economy, affordable housing, expanding job opportunities, rich culture, low living cost, beautiful nature, and great hospitality are some factors that Texas will offer you. 

However, many people don’t know the greatness of Texas. They assume that most people love Texas because of the weather and BBQ. But Texas is much more than that. In this article, we will discuss the top 6 reasons why most Americans love to relocate to Texas. 

1. Massive Job Opportunities

One of the primary reasons for moving to Texas is the massive job opportunities. The economy of Texas is the fourth largest in the United States. In 2018, Texas was the 2nd highest GSP country that had a value of $1.8 trillion. 

The economic growth of Texas created tons of job opportunities for the past couple of years. Everyone who moves there gets at least one decent-paying job. Additionally, the gas, oil, and mining industry have been one of the best contributors to the economy of the state. As more and more companies are opening, the job market of Texas is rapidly increasing. 

2. Homes are Affordable

Some states in the world have a very good economy and job market, but the basic living costs in the state are so expensive that people avoid living there. However, the cost of living in Texas is below the national level. But, that’s not the end.

One of the best reasons to move to Texas is the affordability of homes. For instance, if you’re relocating from California to Texas, you’ll be surprised to find out that the average price of homes and apartments in Texas is under $400,000, whereas you need to pay more than $1 million in California to purchase a home. As per statistics, it’s been proved that 70% of Texas homes are lower than $250,000. Apart from that, Texas is a great place for renters too.

3. No Income Tax

Many people want to avoid income tax, right? When you move to Texas, you won’t have to worry about paying income tax as the state doesn’t have any rules regarding income taxes. 

Texas is one of the seven states in the United States that doesn’t have any rule about income tax. This is the main reason why Texans can save more money. So, if you want to escape from income taxes to save tons of money, it’s suggested you should move to Texas. 

California has one of the highest income tax rates in the United States. So, when moving from California to Texas, you might be able to save thousands of dollars. However, remember that you need to pay local sales taxes

4. Higher Education

If you think that you need to pursue higher education after graduating from your high school, Texas should be your first choice. 

The 2ng biggest state in the country has more than 210 universities and colleges. The two best universities in the country are situated in Texas: Texas A&M University and The University of Texas at Austin. As per some education experts, Texas Tech University and the University of Houston can also be included in the list of best universities in the United States. 

As for the private universities, Texas has some famous universities such as Southern Methodist University, Rice University, Baylor University, Austin College, etc. 

5. Beautiful Warm Weather

If you’re fed-up living in cold and harsh weather, then you need to move to Texas as the weather in the state is warm and healthy. 

Yes, it’s a fact that summers in Texas are very hot that the temperature in August reaches as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the temperature remains mild with very little snow and lots of sunshine during the other nine months of the year. 

Depending on your city after relocating to Texas, you need to experience sticky humidity or dry heat. However, don’t let the scenarios change your mind. 

6. Great Outdoor Attractions

One of the best things about moving to Texas is that the state offers various outdoor lifestyles. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Texas will never cease to amaze you. 

Additionally, Texas has one of the most diverse ecosystems in the country. This means that you’ll get to experience mountains, wetlands, flat plains, canyons, deserts, forests, prairies. You’ll also notice many national and state parks. 

The largest park in the United States, the Franklin Mountains State Park is situated in Texas. Apart from that, it’s also the home of Big Bend National Park.


These are the top 6 benefits you need to keep in mind while moving to Texas. Apart from these, remember that the hospitality in Texas is very great. Not only you’ll get to taste extremely good Texan BBQ but also Tex-Mex. Texas is a good spot for vegetarians too. And if you like sports, don’t forget that Texas is one of the most successful states in the history of MLB and NBA. If you like to be a part of the Texas population, it is the right time to pack and move to the amazing state.