Organic positioning what it is and how it is obtained

When it comes to SEO, one of the most important issues ever remains that of the organic positioning of the site.

The organic positioning of the site on the web consists of its position within the search results of a keyword or keyword. For example, when you type the keyword ‘hotel in Bologna’ on Google, the first results that appear are the result of the organic positioning of the sites.

In general, the top positions are occupied by sites that have performed better SEO optimization on and off-page, and of course, they are also the ones most clicked by users, which hardly go beyond the first two pages of Google. In general, we speak of organic or natural positioning only for the sites that occupy the top twenty positions.

The organic positioning is the result of the so-called SEO optimization and is one of the main objectives that a webmaster proposes for a site and to make it known. L ‘ SEO optimization is done based on keywords, or key, in order to ensure that a conquer page one of the top positions on Google, to thus increase the organic traffic or the number of users who click on the result once found him in search page.

The organic positioning, as we said, is the result of the work that is done on the page (SEO on-page) and outside of it ( SEO off-page ). Today as today it is recognized that it is not only the SEO work that is carried out directly on the page to bring organic value and traffic and to increase the organic positioning but also the external work, for example, that done with link building and link earning.

Why organic positioning is important?

Organic positioning is of fundamental importance for increasing organic traffic to your site. As we have said, it is proven that visitors focus on the first results they find on the search engine pages, usually the top twenty.

Basically, appearing beyond the second page of Google is a bit like not existing at all. Of course, as we are about to see, there are also other ways to sponsor your site, such as paying for ads.

However, the organic positioning is quite different and it serves to be found for the service that is being offered. The organic positioning is more reliable and lasting than that which is carried out by means of the announcement, however, it is necessary to know and exploit the SEO on and off-page well in order to position oneself optimally in the first results.

But let’s see what the difference is between organic results and sponsored results.

Organic results and sponsored results: what is the difference?

Very often it happens that when you do a search on Google for keywords, a series of sponsored results also appear. It is not, in this case, sites that have positioned themselves thanks to SEO, but sites that occupy the top positions because they have joined a paid sponsorship program.

We can, therefore, distinguish when we speak of organic positioning:

  • organic search results. The organic result is the natural one: when you search for the keyword ‘ice cream in Milan’ and you find results on the first page, they were obtained by means of SEO optimization of the reference pages.
  • Sponsored results. These are the results that appear when a keyword is clicked and which are preceded by the word ‘announcement’: they are on the front page not following the SEO optimization performed on the site but simply because they paid for a sponsorship program.

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