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How to Top the Class 10 Board Exams? Smart tips

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Board exams are the major consideration in the majority of future endeavours. Students who are going to prepare for the 10th board exams this year must study diligently. Here are given some pointers to assist you in preparing for upcoming class 10th board exams. These tips will definitely help you in getting wonderful marks. If you apply these smart tips thoroughly then there are high chances to top-class 10 board exams. 

Continue reading if you are preparing for upcoming CBSE or other state-level board exams or know someone who is going to write their class 10th board exams this year. 

Pro smart tips to top-class 10 board exams

There are a few major points to be kept in mind while preparing for any exams whether it is your board or college exams or any kind of competitive exams. The tips mentioned below are useful for every student, especially for CBSE class 10th students, and help them to prep courses for law school finals.

1. Check the Syllabus for CBSE Class 10

Before doing anything, the basic step for preparation starts from analyzing the syllabus. It is highly recommended to all the class 10th CBSE students to visit the official website of CBSE and download the syllabus. For your reference, you can click on this link for Syllabus for CBSE Class 10

There is a small chance that students in class 10th will be aware of the syllabus. Students must have a tendency to follow all the guidelines and instructions that their teachers have given them in the class. Students must be familiar with the syllabus for the exams. They can discuss the prescribed curriculum with their school as well as coaching teachers. To achieve high marks and hence to top the exams, they will have to revise the whole syllabus multiple times before the exam.

2. Set a schedule for study

After going through the syllabus the second step is to make a proper plan. When it comes to exam preparation, the most significant element is planning. Make a schedule for board exam preparations and allow adequate time for each and every subject as well as for the topics. 

Choose a time that fits into your daily routine. Never put a long period of study duration in your daily schedule. Between long sitting hours, try to take short breaks. Make sure to schedule some time to have fun, and play games,  in order to refresh your mind.

3. Make Short and Crisp Notes

Making short notes has proven to be extremely beneficial for your board exam preparation. It is recommended to note down all the important pointers in your textbooks as well as reference books, during classroom sessions and self-study time. 

In the notes as well as books, always highlight main headings, points and, formulae so you can find them quickly whenever required. The short notes will be useful for revision in the weeks leading up to your internal as well as board exams. Each subject should have its own set of notes.

Always remember that you can take some hints from your senior’s notes but never try to copy them fully. The notes should be written in your own language so that you can understand well later on also.

4. Attend all classes and keep track of the class lessons.

Class lessons are by far the most important part of learning as well as understanding the syllabus in a systematic manner. The best way to learn about the topics on your syllabus is to attend class. Always be on time in class and stay focused on your studies. Once you reach your home, go over the topics again that you learned in class. 

If you have any questions, discuss them with your teacher of the respective subjects in the next class. Never feel ashamed to ask questions in class because asking questions in class is a good trait. In order to top in the board exams, it is very important to clear the doubts. 

5. Solve sample papers and previous year papers 

Only reading and making notes will not give any benefits at all, to top the board exams students have to solve numerous different types of questions with their correct answers. 

Multiple sample papers, practice papers as well as 10 years PYQs i.e. previous year question papers are available in the local bookstore. 

In addition to solving the questions provided at the end of every chapter in the books, it is recommended to purchase such practice papers, sample papers and previous year question papers and attempt them wisely. It will undoubtedly give a deep understanding of different types of questions and hence it will improve the problem-solving abilities of the students.

Things to stay away from when studying for board exams

Having a passion to get good marks and a dream to top in the board exams is great. But always keep in mind that you have to study the whole year with a very cool mindset. You never need to panic while preparing for board exams. Take it easy, it is just an academic exam and if you prepare well with this mindset then no one can beat you to become a topper. 

So, to top in the class 10th board exams, here are some points that you have to neglect throughout your entire academic year.

  • Never try to cover the syllabus in one go. 
  • Don’t try to procrastinate. Always follow the timetable.
  • Never try to attempt all the material available in the market. Pick the best of them after thorough research and then attempt them.
  • Never try to follow the timetable of other toppers. Always make a proper timetable that matches your own timing and needs.
  • Don’t take the stress of examinations. All you have to do is give your 100% with full dedication.


Becoming a topper of the class 10 board exam is neither rocket science nor a cup of tea. All you need to have is a proper understanding of the syllabus. Solve practise papers, sample papers, examples, previous year question papers as much as you can. Study with full attention and dedication. Keep yourself healthy, and happy throughout the entire year. It will help you to relax your mind.