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How to Make an Advertisement That Sells 100%?

How to Make an Advertisement That Sell

One of the essential things to make our business, brand, or product known, is advertising. And that’s where the ads come in, it is important to know how to make an advertisement that really works, and if you are not very clear about it, do not worry, we will explain it to you in this article.

The first thing you should be clear about when advertising is that there are two branches of it, which are a digital advertising and traditional advertising.

Differences between traditional and digital advertising

I will be brief, but I want you to know the different concepts so that you can choose the best option for your brand.

Traditional advertising is what we know was used in the past, radio, television, newspaper, and, in addition, flyers and posters. It is more expensive advertising than digital and currently offers fewer results.

On the other hand, digital advertising is that which is carried out through the Internet, in different ways, since you can see it in search engines, in social networks, in mailing campaigns, etc. This advertising creates a great impact and the cost is lower.

I do not want you to think that traditional advertising is the worst option and that it does not bring benefits, since if you open a new business and combine a strategy of flyers, plus a Google My Business campaign, you will quickly make your business known.

That is, both types of advertising can be combined and improve results. Remember, graphic design plays an important part in the advertisement, and helps in bringing the attention of the potential customer. In such a case, do not hesitate to hire a professional graphic design agency in the US for high-quality videos that really contribute to advertising.

Once you know the differences between traditional and digital advertising, let’s get to the important thing, how to make an advertisement.

What do we understand by advertisement?

To learn how to make an advertisement we must first know what this is about.

An advertisement is an image, sound, or video, with a short duration, whose purpose is to convey an idea or message. The ads are intended to hook a potential customer.

That is, the advertisement must attract the attention of our target audience, and once they have their attention, they must succeed in convincing this niche so that the potential client finally takes the desired action.

Goals of an ad

We know that the ad as the main objective, you want to get the potential client to take an action, but depending on what we want to achieve, the objectives of an ad can be divided into three:

  • Inform: Notify of your existence.
    When you start your business, you must make your potential customers know that you exist, otherwise, they will not buy from you.
  • Persuade: Achieve the desire of the prospective client.
    In this case, we want to sell a product or service.
    This publicity occurs when we launch a new product or want to stand up to our competition, generating desire in the target audience to get them to come to our brand.
  • Remember: We are still here.
    This type of objective is to continue claiming clients when your business is already established.

At this point I want you to consider what objective, within those that I have shown you, you are currently interested in for your business. Since, as in any strategy, you must be very clear about why you do it and why.

Once you are clear if what you want is to inform, persuade or remember, I am going to propose other objectives that you must consider, that is, what do you really want to achieve by informing, persuading or remembering?

  • Increase sales
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Improve your brand image
  • Improve return on investment
  • Position your product or your brand
  • Reach more customers
  • Increase traffic on your website

Consider where you want to go to achieve it, and once you are clear, let’s continue!

How should an advertisement be?

Another important piece of information that I am going to give you is how an advertisement should be, since when it comes to learning how to make an advertisement, we must be clear about its characteristics.

As we have commented previously, an ad must be able to capture the attention of the potential client and must give a message, therefore the ad must be clear, a confusing message will make the client not really understand the idea we want to convey and will make lose effectiveness.

Logically we must create a creative and eye-catching advertisement so that it is able to attract attention and surprise the customer.

And we must also highlight that it is short, an ad that is too long even if it causes a lot of impact at first, in the end, it will make the client lose interest.

How to make an advertisement?

Let’s get down to business.

Why do I do it?

As I mentioned at the beginning, you must be clear about what objectives you want to achieve with your ad, in order to focus the strategy to achieve those goals.

Who am I talking to?

Once you have a clear objective, you should know who you are going to address, that is, what will your target audience be?

This is very important because if you advertise correctly, but do it for the wrong people, you will not achieve that conversion you want.

Therefore, you must define your buyer persona, and if you are not clear about this concept, do not worry:

What pain points do my prospects have?

At this point, you should know a little more about your potential client, know what concerns they have, what needs they must cover, their problems, and even the desires they have; in this way, you can focus the ad to attack exactly what interests you.

Be clear that those pain points, you must cover them with your brand, product, or service.

If you want to know a little more about pain points:

Steps to follow to create the ad

Having stated all of the above, we are going to proceed to learn how to make an effective advertisement.

Brand image

Your brand image must be clear in your ad, in order for the client to recognize your company. We will achieve this by adding our logo, company colors, our slogan, etc.

Your product or service

This should be the main star of the ad, but without going into very specific details (since it would make the ad too long, and that generates disinterest).

Pain points

Now we must attack those pain points that we have investigated in our client.

Attacks the client’s emotions, an emotional ad generates a greater impact on the target audience that receives it.

Focus on how your product is the solution to those problems.

Generate that positive attitude, that finally your product is the solution they need to meet their needs.

Cost of service

It is clear that you must inform the price of your product or service, and even show if you make an offer.

Offers always generate a positive attitude in the customer, who will be more predisposed to make the purchase.

Motivate with limitation

Once the customer knows that the product is what he needs, and in turn, that he gets a special price for it, you must show him the limitation of the offer.

The client will verify that the offer is ephemeral and will have the impulse to buy it, so as not to waste the situation.


This is another vital point when it comes to learning how to make an advertisement since this call to attention will be what generates the most conversion.

Here you must show in a quick and concise way, what the customer must do to benefit from your offer or product.

Add a short phrase like “Buy now”, “Call now”, “Get this offer”, etc., to generate more attraction in the customer.

I hope I have helped you learn how to make an advertisement successfully, be clear that advertising is vital to make our businesses work, but it must be done correctly, if not, we will only lose money and we will not achieve your goals.

If you want to carry out an advertising campaign that is a success, but you do not know very well how to carry it out, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will achieve your goals with you.