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4 Major Causes Of Roof Damage And How To Fix Them

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Major Causes Of Roof Damage

You can’t enjoy peace of mind if your house roof is in its best shape. Every homeowner begins to worry about the roof once it ceases to perform its function. If you want to avoid such situations and want your house roof to be efficient, you should never delay regular roof maintenance.

The most important function of a roofing system is to protect your house from harsh weather conditions. At times, wear and tear may cause significant Roof Damage, especially after a harsh storm.

Major Causes Of Roof Damage

It is important to know the major causes of roof damage and how to fix them. A proactive homeowner with a deep knowledge of common roof issues can protect roofing in Cary NC for a long time. 

Let us look into the major causes and some DIY tips for fixing them.

1. Broken Flashing

Thin pieces of metal used for joining different elements of the roofing structure are known as flashing. Leading roofer in Sarasota, FL conceal them whereas others leave them exposed depending on the expertise and roof design.

If the flashing gets cracks or breaks at certain points, the whole purpose of it is lost. Water can easily creep inside affecting the structural stability of the roofing system.

Get some screws to tighten the flashing back into its place or you may need to replace a part of it.

2. Broken Roof Shingles

Most North American houses have asphalt shingle roofs. The roofing material is popular because it offers excellent curb appeal at rather affordable prices. Moreover, asphalt is known for its durability.

Due to high-impact winds and frequent expansion and contractions, asphalt shingles get loose or cracked. At times, they break or buckle and the roof looks textured.

The best approach is to replace broken shingles. Use a pry bar to loosen the nails and then replace the old shingle with a new one. Secure each shingle with good-quality nails. When too many of the shingles are Roof Damaged and the remaining ones look worn out, consider roof replacement instead of repairs.

3. Leaks In Roof Valleys

If your house has complex structured roofs, leaky valleys can cause severe roof damage. A roof valley is a junction point where two planes of a roof meet.

These sloped areas can easily accumulate debris leading to water retention after a rain spell. Moreover, it can provide a breeding ground for critters that can easily Roof Damage the seals and shingles.

If the seal of valleys breaks at certain points, water can easily enter the roofing structure. Poorly installed roofs, ice dams, or debris collection can be a reason for roof leaks.

The best preventive measure is to clean the roof debris regularly to avoid pest infestation. Make sure that you hire a certified and experienced roofing contractor for annual inspection and repairs.

Among all the roof repairs, roof valley repairs are one of the riskiest. It is recommended to look for a professional for these repairs. Delaying the repair can worsen the issue over time and you will have to pay for a replacement.

4. Ice Dam Buildup

Temperatures are plummeting fast and that is not very good for your house roofs. Winters can be a little harsh on them. There will be snow and subsequent melting can put your roof at risk of leaks and related water Roof Damage. As the ice starts to melt, it is time to check the damages caused by ice dam buildups. The weight of the ice is not good for roof structure whereas water retention may lead to mold growth.