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10 Easy Tips to Easily Buy Weed Online

10 Easy Tips to Easily Buy Weed Online

Buying from street-corner dealers was never the safest way to buy weed online, but now that marijuana has become mainstream, you can get exquisite cannabis from sellers online! 

And while this might sound easy as pie, thousands of swindled customers would like to attest otherwise. After all, online scammers can’t wait to dupe you out of your money, so it’s always advisable to chew over where to buy and from whom.

If you’re looking for tips and tricks on buying weed online without any ordeals, keep the following pointers in mind!

10 Tips to Effortlessly Buy Weed Online 

Buying weed online is the new gift the internet has granted to smokers, and if not done carefully, they can end up without their cash or their weed (we don’t know which one’s worse!). 

Pay attention to the following tips to quickly obtain weed online, hassle-free! 

Make Sure It’s Legal to Purchase Weed Online in Your Area

Before buying weed online, ensure that you reside in a state where the law allows you to enjoy cannabis free of repercussions. If you live where legalization has not yet taken effect, you may end up with fines. Therefore, when you order weed from an online distributor, make sure that it doesn’t travel through anti-marijuana borders, cities, towns, states, etc. 

Check Out the Listed Shipping Time 

Once you decide to buy cannabis online, it means you want the product ASAP, so they should quickly deliver it to your door. A reputable distributor will not leave you hanging for a bud or two or make you wait three to four days for delivery. The best brands deliver within 24 hours to meet your pot’s needs right away – is a great example!

Investigate the Delivered Package 

Weed dispensaries that have been working for an extended period promise discreet packaging that guarantees your pot-smoking activities remain private. The delivered product should also be in top shape, fresh, and arrive within the promised timeframe. 

Look at the Customer Reviews 

Legend has it all those five-star-rated cannabis products aren’t what the reviews make them out to be. Instead, you should go for weed merchants with an array of reviews–both good and bad. 

You’ll know you’re ordering from a professional weed-selling website if it has a decent portion of satisfied user testimonials. Finally, if you don’t believe a stranger’s word, you can always contact a trusted friend or run a quick Google check.

Ensure the Website Owns a License 

Look for a license and the licensing details on the website. For example, all online dispensaries in California and Oklahoma usually have licensing information listed alongside their location. You’ll usually find this data at the bottom of the front page or in a separate site section.

A Faulty Website Will Promise Extremely Low Prices

Low prices on weed are too good to be true, and you should trust your gut when you encounter them. Unprofessional websites often advertise ridiculously low prices to entice unsuspecting weed lovers, but the truth is that the prices are just that–unrealistic. 

Sometimes paying little can leave you with nothing or a mediocre bag of weed at best. So, if you are looking for a worthy investment, you should expect to splurge more. Quality over quantity, remember?

Distinguish Legitimate from Bootleg Websites 

Weed websites usually have their contact info, guidelines, and licenses listed on their front page. To ensure you’re getting your money’s worth, we recommend contacting the dispensary. 

Always call or e-mail the store before paying. If they meet you with silence or a straight-up odd phone call, you’re not speaking with a legitimate weed seller. 

A Legit Website Will Offer Safe Payment Methods 

A licensed, professional weed site will offer payments via credit or debit card, PayPal, or any other trusted payment methods available in your state. You can also get a bag of weed in exchange for cryptocurrency or other means of e-transfer, as there’s no way for a third party to track your transactions this way.

A Legit Website Will Request Age Verification

Licensed websites don’t sell weed to just anybody, which should be your first clue whether they’re legitimate. A legit pot merchant will ask whether you’re of legal age, which means they comply with state laws. If you run into a website that sells weed to smokers regardless of their age, we suggest you run for the hills!

Buy From a Reputable Retailer 

The best way to get the most out of your money is to seek out reputable and recommended retailers. You’ll recognize a trustworthy brand from a mile away because it’ll feature info regarding licensing, age verification, and means of contact.