How to Unblock Extra Torrent Proxy and Mirror Sites?

There are tons of different websites on the internet that offer great torrents for user so they can download movies, songs, and even games. Applications of their choice but nothing compares to what the extra torrent site offered in this area. Extra torrent is considered to be one of the best Extra Torrent Proxy and Mirror Sites.

 It’s also known to be the most accessible of them all as users from around the world access it daily to find torrents for their use. The site was created in 2006 and it is quite popular among users who like the idea of using peer to peer file sharing method. 

How to Unblock Extra Torrent Proxy and Mirror Sites?

But it was a sad ending for the users of this platform. As many of the sites got taken down in recent years. Which forced them to turn to extra torrent proxy and mirror sites. For those of you who do not know what a proxy site is, a proxy site is one of those websites that serve as an agent for other clients that have queries regarding services from other sites. 

Make sure to keep that in mind that proxy sites and mirror sites are quite different as many people think they both are the same. A mirror site refers to the replica of an original site that has a new domain name and host code. Whereas a proxy site only helps in linking up the extra torrent site with other websites.

Even though the proxy sites are ban in several nations. due to security reasons. Some of nations are Canada, the US, UK, etc. You can still use these by using some simple ways that can unblock extra torrent proxy sites. But before we get into how to unblock extra torrent proxy sites. Let us look at some of the sites that you can potentially access.

List of extra torrent2 proxy sites

These are some of the best proxy sites that you can use to access and download great torrents.

You can also use the ways given below to unblock proxy sites of your choice, in case they are banned in your region.

  1. Unblock extra torrent using TOR browser

It is one of the best ways to hide your IP address and download torrents from sites like these. The browser removes geo-restrictions to help the user. It also makes up for the safety of the user by providing an easy-open IP address.

  1. VPN

The VPN allows users to send and receive data in a manner that makes it look like the two are connected through a private network on their computer.  One of the major drawbacks of using a VPN. It’s your activity is still getting tracked by the VPN provider. The system is not entirely safe from online threats thereby, putting your data at risk.

You can use these two ways to unblock and access these proxy sites.

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