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Top Tips to Care for Your Elderly Relative

Tips to Care for Your Elderly Relative

As your relatives begin to grow older, many daily issues can become more and more complex. With health complications, mobility issues, doctor’s appointments and medications becoming more and more frequent in older age, it can be difficult to ensure that you’re on top of all of their needs. We’re going to run through some of the top tips for caring for your elderly relative so you can make sure you’re doing the best you can.

Check Their Hearing

Hearing loss is very common among older age groups. So regular checks are advised. You can get their hearing checked with a local doctor relatively easy and quickly, and you’ll be thankful for keeping tabs on it!

Tips to Care for Your Elderly Relative

If your elderly relative does experience hearing loss, there are many great hearing aids to choose from! Some of the best hearing aids are driven by smart technology so they adapt to the background noise. They’re comfortable, discreet, and well priced. So if your elderly relative becomes hard of hearing, there are plenty of options for you!

Staying Active

Keeping your elderly relative active is a very important part of the caring process. A little activity every day can help with their motor functions, boost their mood, and give them far greater confidence as they become less steady on their feet.

As mobility loss is a common problem amongst older people, there are plenty of walking aids available! These lightweight contraptions allow your elderly relative to stay on their feet with some solid support, which will give your relative the confidence to get up and moving. They even have in-built seats in case they ever need to pause for a break. 

Battling Loneliness

Loneliness can strike when elderly retirees are left around the house for any stretch of time. Of course, you’ll visit as much as you can, but it’s a good idea to have a system in place in case you can’t visit for a day, or in case your relative ever wants to have a chat! 

You can get great video call systems that connect to the TV, which means you’re on a big screen so you’re easy to see! These devices are easy to set up and will allow your relative to call you whenever they like, so they’ll have somebody to talk to and they can have company available at the press of a button!

Keeping Track of Medication

As your relative grows older, it’s likely they’ll need more and more medication. Sometimes the amount of medications they need can become confusing and overwhelming, but keeping track of it is key so you can be sure that all of their ailments are taken care of.

A pill dispenser is a great investment, as you can simply portion out all of the medication your relative needs for the week ahead. The dispenser works on a timer, so it’ll alert your relative and let them know when it’s time for their next pill, then it’ll only hand out exactly what they need!

Keeping a Schedule

Having a timetable can be very handy for elderly people. If your relative is becoming forgetful, then a schedule can help them keep track of the days and boost their confidence as they’ll know they only have to check to see what they’re doing next. It can also be great to schedule your visits so they’ve got something to look forward to!

An easily accessible daily planner can help your relative keep track of their time. Sitting down with them and discussing their week ahead, and putting all of their dates in for them, can be a great activity to do together, and it’ll help everybody stay on top of things.

Keeping Their Mind Active

Simple brain training games and tasks can be great for elderly people. Performing simple puzzles and games designed to keep your mind active can be very beneficial to your elderly relative’s mood, cognition, and memory. 

There are plenty of options for brain training games, from simple crosswords and sudokus, to specifically designed tasks and challenges. The options are limitless. It’ll keep their brains active and these games can provide hours of entertainment!

Becoming a carer for an elderly relative can be tough, but by putting the best support networks in place, ensuring they have the most cutting edge tech to help them navigate the world, and giving them the most useful mobility aids you can, you can make the process easy and painless for everybody.