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Cost of having a Jakarta shared office space

Jakarta shared office space

Are you looking to open or have an office in Indonesia? Jakarta is the city to do just that. Jakarta seats the center of the country’s politics, business, and commerce as the capital of the nation. The city provides a huge and global opportunity to anyone who chooses to live and work there. It is one of the cities in the Asia-Pacific region that boasts a high growth rate as opposed to the other cities in the region.

Jakarta shared office space

During the fourth century, Jakarta was named one of the trading ports in Southeast Asia and is also the most populous city in Indonesia. Jakarta’s business and commerce industry mainly focuses on manufacturing, banking, financial services, trading, and many other service provider sectors. It also provides a rich environment that works well for businesses in the chemicals, electronics, and automotive industries.

Here’s an overview of what to expect when you open a shared office space in Jakarta.

Square footage and costs

Jakarta offers office spaces that get you value for money. At an estimate of around USD300- USD500 every month, an employee could comfortably live in the city of Jakarta. However, some offices prefer to open in the Central Business District of Jakarta, which is reaching 90% capacity.

Traveling a little farther away from the center of the business district may be beneficial for your office space. You could also look into the cost of having a Jakarta shared office space. You check on serviced offices for that which will provide you with additional amenities that would definitely be beneficial to you and your company.

Flexible workspace

Adjust your needs easily. The cost of having a Jakarta shared office space may also prove to give you an option to be flexible when choosing your space, depending on who you are working with. The market for workspace in Jakarta, most especially those in the flexible workspace category, allows you to immediately move into your choice office space with only a month’s deposit before putting up your office officially.

Though you might also want to put into consideration the time you wish to stay in an office space for Jakarta will have different options depending on the length of stay for businesses, especially when it comes to a commercial lease.

The Benefits of shared office space

Shared office spaces allow for an avenue of collaboration. Flexible workspaces allow companies and individuals to interact with other people, which allows them to widen their network in an age where the tradition of nine to five office hours is changing to a better work environment.

The cost of having a Jakarta shared office space is not only beneficial for your pockets but also to your employees and even to freelancers. It opens an environment that encourages collaboration, inspiration, and creativity.

Jakarta shared office space

Having a shared office space in Jakarta does not only provide you with the best space money can buy. It also gives you workers with a better mindset and attitude towards work. You’re basically getting more than what you had bargained for, which goes to benefit you in the long run.