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11 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Wikipedia Page

Have you ever noticed that whenever you google something, the first five search results definitely include a Wikipedia page result for that particular search? Well, if you haven’t noticed yet, check it right now! Creating a Wikipedia page for your brand is an excellent way to evoke your brand’s trust among the audience. Wikipedia page for your business has immense importance as it increases your online presence in addition to providing credibility to your brand. Let us have a look at the reasons why a Wikipedia page for your business serves as a powerful marketing tool. 

It Boosts Your Brand’s Visibility 

As said above Wikipedia search results rank higher among the top five of the google SERPs. Therefore, Wikipedia page creation will help you get better ranks on various search engines and thereupon increase your brand visibility. Moreover, the links present in the Wikipedia page pointing to your website will help you drive loads of traffic to your page.

Your Brand’s Credibility Is Improved

In today’s era of online shopping, people usually go through the reviews prior to shop any product. You having a Wikipedia page for your business will create a killer impression on the audience. A Wikipedia page is just like a warranty that your brand is credible. It serves as an approval that your business is reputed enough to have a Wikipedia page. Furthermore, a well-written Wikipedia page with properly written articles and required citations make your brand an achievement and trusted among your potential customers. 

It Provides Your Brand a Powerful SEO

If you have a Wikipedia page for your business, your company’s search results will appear on the Google’s first page. In case of not having a wiki page for your brand, the customer has to get down in to the loads of content to find yours. The Wikipedia page has given convenience via proper structuring of information in order to function as an index allowing the users to have access to all the data about a particular subject at one place. As google trust Wikipedia a lot, therefore when Wikipedia points a link towards your brand it will naturally boost credibility in front of google. 

It Adds Up to Your Sales and Profit

Getting a wiki page for your business marketing strategy will help you drive sales and profits. It acts as an accelerating force required to increase your business’s growth. 

It Helps You Generate Revenues

Wiki page creation is undoubtedly a catalyst that helps you generate more revenues in addition to escalating your business’s expansion. 

It Helps Generate New Customers

As Wikipedia falls among the seven most visited site, therefore your content there will do wonders for you. At an average of about 269 million sites are searched on it day by day, so who wouldn’t want a Wikipedia for their business? Well, Wikipedia is surely the most convenient way of getting new customers each day. 

It Builds Your Business Integrity

A wiki page for your business helps you to gain the trust of audience. It will help your business to prosper and strengthen the validity by giving your audience the genuine content. This create honesty among your customers in addition to creating a positive brand picture that will ultimately have productive effects for your customers as well as your business. 

It Improves Brand Recognition

Due to the increased prevalence of Wikipedia your business could enjoy mainstream around the globe if it has a wiki page. It will give you raise voice for your brand and basically paves way for personal branding.  Your business will be recognized by massive audience around the globe. 

Your Expertise Is Established Via Wiki Page

Well, to establish your expertise, first step demands you to know that in which regard you want people to know you and your brand. Every niche has its own recognition and competition and you should know this ahead of time. In this matter, creating a wiki page will help you by achieve higher rankings over a vast range of searches that’s related to you. This means you’ll going to appear on the first page of the google. 

It Let People Know Your Achievements

If you are in thought of letting people know what you have achieved or what you are actually about, then only working hard will not do the needful. Instead, you have to create a wiki page for your business. it will help you market your brand. You can post related articles on the wiki page that will surely reach top charts as compared to if you post them on your personal blog. 

It Improves Your Online Security

Creating a Wikipedia page for your business also plays a crucial role in improving the online security of your page. Wiki page actually hides the IP address that may be used inappropriately by the hackers. It prevents you from being vulnerable of your personal information when reached in the wrong hands. Therefore, once you create your own wiki page, all of such critical information of yours will be secured. 

The Bottom Line

Every business who needs a fruitful marketing strategy should go for creating a wiki page for their business. it provides a whole lot of benefits and is no doubt a strong marketing strategy that will help you enjoy enhanced brand visibility. You can have your improved brand recognition among a massive audience around globe with boosted credibility and trust. Not to forget that you can generate new customers for your business and enjoy personal branding that too with enhanced online security!