Your guide to microneedling

There was once a time when only the posh people and those working in the entertainment industry frequented the cosmetologists. Only a certain privileged proportion of the population was able to spend time and money on their looks, especially the elite women.

Now, thanks to the technology, aesthetic procedures have become more accessible to everyone. Gone are the days of the orthodox, expensive and painful procedures. Now, beauty-technology industry is experiencing an all-time boom with cheaper and less invasive techniques being introduced all the time.

More and more beauty trends are picking up. Thanks to social media, the superficial has become even more important. It has also enabled healthy competition to be picked up amongst the companies, who are competing to introduce novel features in economical prices.

Furthermore, as the world has now become a global village in which celebrities rule, any beauty procedure that they do become in vogue amongst the masses. One such example is that of microneedling.

What is microneedling

Even though the procedure itself has been around for almost two decades now, its demand increased when a certain celebrity had the procedure done. Unlike the rather grotesque pictures of the process that show up on the internet, the technique is fairly simple and not at all as dangerous as it looks.

What is the principle behind it?

Collagen is a main component of the skin and it plays an important role in its health, aesthetically and otherwise as well. Collagen is important to keep the skin smooth, dewy and wrinkle free.

When the skin is pricked or injured as is in the case of microneedling, body amps up the production of skin proteins like collagen and elastin to heal the skin. Similarly, the production of new capillaries is also stimulated which then leads to improved blood supply to the skin.

All these factors then work in tandem to improve the appearance of the skin.

How does it work?

Essentially, as the name suggests, micro-needling is inserting very small needles into the skin to rejuvenate it, boost collagen production and induce glowing skin.

This process is carried out with the aid of “dermarollers” or similar paraphernalia that has very fine needles on it that allow for the deliberate pricking and injury of the skin. Even though the injury is superficial, however, it is very important to consult the top dermatologist in Karachi to avoid any mishaps.

In the procedure, numbing cream is applied all over the face to make the process less painful. Then, with the aid of the needling tool, tiny pricks are made all over the face –or wherever the procedure is being carried out in the body.

For full benefits, multiple sessions are needed at the doctor’s clinic. The goal every time is to dig a little deeper into the tissue and make the skin stronger from deep within.

What can microneedling help with?

Microneedling is performed to target very specific skin conditions as well. These include any scar damage, like from acne, burns etc. as this process helps to break down the barrier of the thick scar tissue to build the cells anew.

Similarly, it is practiced for keeping the aging skin at bay as it stimulates collagen production. Collagen in turn helps to tighten the skin and thus prevents wrinkles, sagging skin, fine lines etc.

Microneedling is also beneficial for getting rid of stretch marks and melasma.

Final take on microneedling

Microneedling offers immediate gratification. Right after the process, on account of the injury and the improved circulation of blood to it, the skin looks glowing and pink. However, regular sessions as advised by the top dermatologist in Islamabad can also lead to improved appearance of the skin.

Other than being cost effective and somewhat non-invasive, microneedling is also suitable to be performed on the skin where LASER treatment is rendered inefficient. The only downside is that it is not permanent and needs to be performed in conjunction with other techniques to allow for more long term benefits.

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