Yoga and its real power: Know the important facts about Yoga

There is a proverb in English, health is wealth. If health is good, money is often earned anytime. But in today’s times, we keep it up competing to earn money by compromising our health. Life becomes easy if health and mind are healthy. To become a lifetime healthy, first, we’d like to be mentally and physically healthy.

The most important thing for this is often ‘Yoga’. They assert that ‘Yoga will only happen’. There are several benefits of yoga. The cure to avoid every disease in yoga is hidden, whether it’s physical or mental. Not only this, but there’s also nothing better than yoga for better health. Here in this article, I will be describing you the advantages of yoga, the importance of yoga, the mental benefits of yoga, the health benefits of yoga asana, and far more. That is, everything you would like to understand about yoga.

What is yoga?

Before knowing the advantages of yoga and its rules, we all know what yoga is. Yoga, the word originated from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’, which suggests ‘to join’. Some people feel that yoga becomes possible only by bending, stretching, tilting the body, and inhaling and out. But it’s not like that in the least. the planet of yoga and its level is far larger than this. Yoga combines the soul, brain, and body. Many great yogis, gurus, and wise persons have defined yoga in their own way.

“Yoga isn’t just exercise and posture. it’s a spiritual height with emotional integration and slightly of mystic element, which provides you with a glimpse beyond all imagination.” – Sri Sri Shankar

“It is wrong to tie yoga within the realm of faith and superstition. Yoga is science, which is the art of living life. Also, it’s an entire medical system. Where religion binds us with pegs, yoga is that the path to freedom from all types of shackles. ” – Osho

“Yoga isn’t to let the mind wander and keep one place stable.” – Baba Ramdev

Why International Yoga Day is celebrated?

The word Yoga has spread from India to Buddhism alongside China, Japan, Tibet, South East Asia, and Sri Lanka besides the entire world. Insight of its worldwide fame, it had been decided for the primary time on 11 December 2014 by the United Nations General Assembly to celebrate “World Yoga Day” on 21 June per annum.

In this regard, the then Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi said, “Yoga is a useful gift of India’s ancient tradition, it symbolizes the unity of mind and body; there’s harmony between man and nature; Idea is to supply restraint and fulfilment, and also a holistic approach to health and well being. it’s not about exercise but about the sensation of unity within ourselves, the invention of the planet and nature. By becoming this consciousness in our changing lifestyle, we will help in tackling global climate change. So let’s work towards adopting an ‘International Yoga Day’. “

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Health Benefits of Yogasana –

The health benefits of yoga asana are so many. Yoga not only increases the pliability of the body but also helps in weight loss while strengthening the muscles. Know the health benefits of yoga.

1- Vital sign remains in check.

2- It helps to stay fresh and happy throughout the day.

3- Helpful to focus your attention.

4- Provides internal strength.

5- it makes blood glucose normal.

6- Supports good and deep sleep.

7- Helps to remain faraway from all kinds of diseases and medicines.

8- Improves the system and increases the body’s immunity.

9- Provides a healthy lifestyle.

10- plays a supporting role in reducing any quite a pain within the body.

Mental Benefits of Yoga – Yoga for psychological state

Yoga isn’t only physical but also very beneficial for a psychological state. If you include yoga in your daily routine, it can be a panacea for your stress and depression.

 Know the mental benefits of yoga.

1- With the assistance of yoga, memory and concentration are improved.

2- Helpful in reducing anxiety and depression.

3- Yoga maintains emotional control and mental comfort.

4- Helpful in maintaining self-control.

5- Helpful to stay anger calmly.

6- Keep peace in relationships.

7- Helpful in making right and better decisions associated with life

Importance of Yoga in our Life 

Lord Sri Krishna has defined ‘Srimad Bhagavad Gita Yoga as saying’, “Yoga: Karmasu Kaushalam” means Yoga is that the name of the skill of deeds. Yoga is extremely important in our life. Yoga was born in India and today Yoga is abroad. The importance of yoga is increasing day by day thanks to the advantages of yoga. Earlier, where yoga was given importance only Ayurvedically, today yoga has emerged during a scientific way also. that’s the rationale. That doctors also encourage their patients to try yoga.

It is vital to know the importance of yoga. It provides not only internal but also external power. Yoga helps in generating positive thoughts by getting obviate negative thoughts. it’s a panacea treatment to eliminate stress and anxiety. it might not be wrong to mention that in today’s time yoga has become way of living.

Yoga objectives

The purpose of yoga isn’t only physical but also mental healing. the aim of yoga is to stay all the souls, especially citizenry, perfectly healthy in order that the soul are often united with the divine. The art of practicing it helps to regulate the mind, body, and soul of a person. Also relieves bad habits.

Are there any side effects of Yoga?

Just as there are some evils in every good thing, within the same way, if there are benefits of yoga, then there’s also loss from yoga. it’s true that doing yoga increases the pliability of the body, but if the practice of yoga is quite necessary, or if there’s more emphasis against the pliability of the body, then the muscles of the body get pulled, causing pain there in a part of the body Starts. Know and what’s there, loss from yoga.

1- Extreme or habit is bad for everything. Also of yoga. Once we get won’t do yoga, it doesn’t feel good without doing yoga. The results of this are often that on the day you are not doing yoga, you do not feel fresh, there’s laziness within the body throughout the day, and nowhere does the mind feel.

2-. If there’s any complaint of pain in any a part of the body, then stop it immediately. Also, don’t forget to consult a doctor. If this problem isn’t taken care of in time, then there’s an opportunity of that a part of the body becoming paralyzed.

3- Always do yoga in good guidance as there’s a risk of injury while doing yoga. Keep attention during yoga include the neck, knee, and shoulder injury.

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