Working On How To Make Myself Mentally Strong

This is a simple exercise I’ve learned a few years ago from one of my coaches. Its beauty is in its simplicity but doesn’t be fooled, this is a very powerful exercise, especially if you have never done it before. We, as human beings, in this information age tend to have a shorter and shorter attention span and, at the same time, try to keep everything inside our minds. Here lies the problem. Any unfinished business, todo item, the project started but not completed, errands and alike create an open-loop inside your mind. The more open-loop you have, the less focused you are. Eventually, you might end up perpetually overwhelmed with a feeling that you have so much stuff to handle so you can’t take it anymore. This exercise will help you to clear your mental desk and get rid of overwhelm in fifteen to thirty minutes.

On one level… in one way… spiritual process means to become like amount. stable still because… it’s only when somebody has a very stable base many things can be done the exuberance of life is possible only if there is absolute stability otherwise, exuberance will lead to madness yes? that’s why a lot of people who are a little creative little active little exuberant always end up being freaky and there’ll insane because without stability you cannot have a dance going this is why see I mean stillness seramins dance at the same time either you see him sitting absolutely still or you see man an explosion of dance because an explosion is possible only when there is a stable base an explosion which is not destructive is possible only when there are stability and stability people try to become stable by controlling and trimming the laughs this is the way your grandmother will tell you how to be stable control yourself then you will be stable yes.

Improvement pill here some of the more common things that get asked about are being able to learn faster being able to focus more being able to react quicker in conversations and being able to have more control over one’s actions now all of these have one thing in common and it’s that your ability to do any of these things well is determined by how it your brain is we focus a lot of time and energy on physical fitness but almost no one ever talks about mental fitness which is why today I want to show you the five most important things you should be doing every day in order to optimize your brain health

Here are some tips that will help how to make myself mentally strong – 

The Exercise

  1. Pick up a few sheets of paper and a pen

This is self-explanatory. I just want to mention that I’d like to keep my records in a single notepad. You might want to keep the notes, so consider getting a good letter-sized notepad.

  1. Write down everything that’s on you mind

Yes, that’s right. Everything that’s on your mind. Do not stop writing until you empty your mind completely and put everything on paper. Take as much time as you need. If you’ve never done this exercise before you might write for thirty minutes or more and fill in several sheets of paper.

  1. Select the top 5 tasks and prioritize them

When you finish writing, look at the paper. That’s a lot of stuff, isn’t it? And you’ve kept it in your head. Now, your task is to put a star near the most important tasks and projects. Pick no more than five. To maintain a clear focus you only want to concentrate on a few projects until they finished.

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  1. Do the tasks until finished and let go of the rest

Now, go and complete these five tasks and consciously let go of the rest. You can afford it now when you don’t have to keep it all in your mind anymore. When you’re finished, repeat the exercise again.

  1. Repeat the exercise as often as you feel comfortable

Do this exercise as much as you feel comfortable with. The more often you do it, the less stuff accumulates in your mind, the easier is to stay focused.

Here you have it. A simple as this exercise is, it is very powerful. When you get stuff off your mind and to the paper, you free your brain cells to work on a task at hand, the really important one. So, do this exercise today and let me know what your result are.

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