Why You Should Ditch Spreadsheets for Your Field Reporting Process?

Your retail task management tools could be slowing you down. If you’re still using spreadsheets, here’s why you’ll want to toss them over for better mobile field data collection tools like FReD:

They’re time-consuming

Management problems are one of the foremost problems that plaque retail companies, says The Balance. One reason for management snafus is the inability to identify problems with ease using outdated tracking tools like spreadsheets. If you still rely on Excel sheets to manage your inventory, it might be time to test-drive other field data collection software that would allow you to dramatically cut down on the time you spend on collating and compiling data.

There’s no way to track changes

Spreadsheets don’t show old versions of the file. That often makes for a confusing time when someone updates the master list. Unless explicitly stated, changes could be easy to miss and that could lead to information lapses or errors. The resulting data could account for costly mistakes in your field merchandising plans. These mistakes could jeopardize your bottom line and undermine your profit margins in the long run. By investing in mobile field data collection tool that’s current and updated with the times, that factors in current industry practices, teams now have an easier time managing data.

It’s not designed for real-time access

One of the best things about investing in an excellent field reporting software is the fact that everyone on the team gets real-time access to the system. That means even if your employees are in the field, they could easily update the job sheets or work distribution files. That’s convenient since it makes it easier for you to send them on another job if theirs finished earlier than expected. That or you could also send someone else in their place to another site if their scheduled appointment with a client runs longer than expected. With real-time access to data, your team can work much more efficiently, with fewer down times in between jobs or appointments.

You can’t add images

One of the serious drawbacks of using spreadsheets is the fact that you have zero means of adding an image. Given how handy it is for in-field staff to be able to record and send images of their current location or work results, switching to a field data collection software with that kind of facility can do a lot to bring your data management practices to the next level.

It’s outdated

The Houston Chronicle cites the need for constant upgrades in tools and equipment as one of the major problems that retailers commonly face. By using outdated tools that are time consuming to use but don’t add a lot to your team’s overall productivity, then it’s time you looked around for better options. With flexible solutions offered by the right field reporting software, retailers can look forward to improving in-store performance or in-field efficiency for staff. Given all these, you have more than enough reasons to ditch spreadsheets and switch to a better field reporting software as soon as possible.

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