Why You Need an On The Go Water Softener

Water naturally contains a large number of minerals that can make it very “hard.” The term hard, in this case, refers to the hardness of the minerals within the water. Rainwater starts off as soft water, completely free of minerals, but as water passes along the ground, into rivers, lakes, and streams, it absorbs hard minerals. These hard minerals are not harmful, but they do have an effect on how effective the water is for cleaning.

Water softening is the process of reducing the contents of these hard minerals within the water. Why is this so important? Many RV parks and campgrounds have a water supply that contains hard water. Not only does hard water have an effect on how well it cleans your skin, but it also affects your RV’s pipes, sinks, toilets, and showers. This can harm a hot water heater or make it difficult to resell an RV.

An On The Go water softener is just what you need to ensure you are getting safer water to your RV. What can an On The Go water softener do for you? By using a water softener in your RV, it can increase the life of appliances. It gives you better quality water for cleaning, improving dry and rough skin and increasing lathering of soaps. It eliminates an odor and improves the taste of water. It also prevents rust stains, reduces water spots and ultimately saves you so much more money.

When you choose to purchase a water softener, there are a few factors that should be taken into consideration. The smallest water softeners are usually about an 8,000-grain capacity and weigh 18 pounds. The largest models have a 16,000-grain capacity and weigh 30 pounds.

You should only consider a resin that is high grade and high quality. The color of the resin is not an indicator of quality. A water softener should provide easy access and a large mouth opening to make it easy to fill with salt. Some other accessories that can be found on water softeners are a carrying handle, a sturdy base, and storage adapters to make it easier to store and transport.

Having a portable water softener like the ones from On The Go helps to prevent a buildup of rust and soap scum while also taking care of water spots and dry skin. You can add the addition of filtering your water as well, which leads to the removal of particles like sulfides that can give water a bad flavor. Filters can also eliminate some particles from small amounts of water. Larger minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium can be removed with a water softener.

At RVupgrades, you can find the On The Go water softener you need to make your water cleaner, taste better and preserve the appliances and pipes that you have in your RV. You can get so much more out of the water in your RV knowing that it is safe from harmful minerals and tastes better.

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